The Life Lessons We Should Carry With Us from Gilmore Girls

Where you lead, I will follow...

No matter how busy I get, if I can find the time to watch at least part of an episode of Gilmore Girls, I know everything will be okay. Something about the show makes me feel more at home, perhaps it’s the cozy, small-town vibes that one can only get from Stars Hollow. It’s way more possible that it’s because my mom and I watch episodes together whenever I’m home. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in the city and going to school here... but every once in a while Gilmore Girls helps me slow down my pace. 

I started watching the show when I was a junior in high school, and it took me so long to get through the whole show that I finished it when I got to college-- a fitting timeline considering I was going through very similar struggles as Rory at the same time that she was! In such an influential time of my life, the show taught me life lessons that have molded me in ways that I still feel today. I don’t mean to sound dramatic here or anything but I mean who needs therapy when I can just watch an episode of Rory working out her life struggles instead? (Actually everyone can benefit from a therapy session and I highly recommend it. But right after my session catch me watching Gilmore Girls before bed.) The top life lessons that we should all carry with us from Gilmore Girls are … drumroll please… 

Being yourself, and saying all that you want to say, is always the way to go. 

You don’t need to have a huge group of friends when you have one or two true friends (and a favorite book or two) to surround yourself with.  Even if your family relationships are a bit strained, family is family. 

Being open and honest with your mom, your parents, or whoever you see as your caregiver may not always be fun but is important. Emily and Lorelai fight and bicker, but there is a deep rooted love between them that keeps them together in their best and worst moments. 

We may stray, but the ones that really love us and know us are there when we’re ready for them. 

Rory messes up, Lorelai messes up, Luke messes up, Logan messes up, Emily messes up, everyone messes up. The characters are distinctly human and have flaws, and even when they spend time apart from each other they find a way back to the ones who really love them. 

Sometimes our journeys are not clear cut, we may not know what the next move is on our chess board, but we are strong enough and remarkable enough to figure it out. 

Magical things happen when it snows.

When in doubt, a Carole King song will always do.

Lastly, but most importantly, caffeine is key. 

Images courtesy of Pexels.