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If 10 Disney Princes Went to College


  Ever wonder what would happen if your favorite Disney princes moved from their castles to campus? Me either, until I started reliving my childhood this fall with Disney movie marathon and Häagen Dazs parties in my dorm room. After debating over two pints of cookie dough ice cream with my roomie, here is what we think would happen:

1. Prince Eric – The Lady Killa

When he’s not throwing back beers with his friends on the boat his parents bought him, he’s daydreaming about his future wifey. A bit of a douche, Eric is easily “seduced” by sorority girls, which often lands him in hot water. Rumor has it that he got drunk one night and almost married the biggest witch on campus. But even with his reputation, girls still go after him because, duh, he’s hot!

2. Prince Naveen – The Southern Frat Bro

I know, I know. Not all frat guys are rich, narcissistic, spoiled brats. But if we are talking stereotypes here, Naveen is the definition of a southern Greek dude. He only wears Sperry’s and Ralph Lauren and is king of the bow tie. What’s his major? He doesn’t even know. Naveen is in college for one purpose: to graduate with an “MR” degree. He’s one of those guys who thinks girls are put on this earth to make him pancakes and do laundry. Don’t worry, he’ll get a rude awakening.

3. Aladdin – The Wannabe Frat Bro

Prince Ali rushes for fraternities but never gets any bids because he’s clearly “new money.” He tries to be a bad ass, but ends up sounding and looking ridiculous. Even though he has friends and is cute just the way he is, Aladdin is convinced he needs to be in a fraternity to impress a cute girl in his class. Because he tries too hard, he comes off as fake and often annoys most people he encounters.

4. The Beast – The Gamer

What’s Beast doing on a Friday night? Yelling at his roommates to leave him alone and cursing in front of his Xbox 360. You really shouldn’t try to mess with him. He prefers to keep to himself and would rather have conversations with inanimate objects than humans. Beware of this dude. It’s hard to crack his shell…unless you’re a gamer, too.

5. Prince Phillip – The Motivated Pre-Med Student 

Here’s a guy who has no problem pulling three all-nighters to get an “A” on his bio exam. Whether it’s a P.h.D. or a simple kiss, Philly is super motivated and would kill a giant, green fire-breathing dragon to get what he wants. Sure he’s a bit boring to talk to, but he’s a hot go-getter who isn’t afraid of adversity. Or Malificent. 

6. John Smith – The Class Skipper 

This cutie isn’t really into the whole studying thing. Or college thing. John would rather skip his Friday class to go hunting or fishing. But he really shouldn’t miss out on lecture because it’s easy to tell that he isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. But oh well, John’s a bit of an adventurous rebel which makes him hot, right?


7. Tarzan – The Stinky Stoner 

He is all about the grass. Clothes are for conformists. You often see him doing some weird stretches and chants on the quad all by himself. Because he’s high all the time, it’s hard to understand what he’s actually saying in class, though whenever he does speak normally, he seems pretty smart. He loses a couple of points for reeking of weed and b.o. and saying he can talk to animals. Not someone you want to be in a group project with.

8. Hercules – The Gym Tool

On ‘roids, no doubt. Herc’s second home is at the gym and actually “loves” doing squats and running on the treadmill. When he isn’t working out, he is either consuming way too much protein or uploading Instagram and Facebook pictures of his muscles for his friends to admire (with the hashtag #zerotohero). What he lacks in brains he makes up in biceps and what he lacks in game he makes up in sexy glutes.



9. Li Shang – The ROTC Guy

This boy is on scholarship and training to become a leader in the U.S. Air Force. Respectable? Yes. Perfectionist? Yes. Always seeking approval? Definitely. There’s nothing really wrong with him that you know of, besides that he is wound up a little too tight. You admire his bravery and strength…and of course how good he looks in uniform.



10. Kristoff – The Guy You You Should Be Dating 

So he might not be incredibly attractive and a bit quirky, but Kristoff is definitely a guy who would do anything for his girlfriend. He is genuine, caring, and the ultimate boyfriend you wish you had. You didn’t notice him because he is shy and, unlike most guys, isn’t constantly seeking attention. To put it more simply, if Kristoff was in the Harry Potter movies, he’d be Neville. As a frosh, you probably passed him up for Prince Eric.


Which is Disney prince do you normally fall for in college? Spill in the comments below!


Image Credit: Disney, Fanpop.com


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