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I Got a Facial at the Mario Badescu Spa and Here’s What Happened

Over the summer, I visited the Mario Badescu Spa located on the Upper East Side. Though the spa is curated by a well-known skincare brand, the space itself has arguably been its best kept secret.

Located on the first floor of a residential building, the spa is tucked away in what first looks like a dermatologist’s office. With individual facial rooms and spa specialists wearing white button-down dresses, the spa represents a more timeless side of the beauty brand rather than their modern, trendy products you see for sale in stores. Signed photographs of famous celebrities who have visited the spa — ranging from Jennifer Aniston to Hilary Duff — line the waiting room’s walls, making it clear to any visitor that they’re in good company.

Personally, I visited the spa for a facial. With the brand’s products — from various toners to seaweed masks —  the esthetician cleaned, steamed and massaged my face. Additionally, she provided me with a brief skin consultation, informing me of the products I should be using as opposed to those that would irritate my skin.  

Lasting about 30 minutes in total, I left fresh-faced and without the irritated skin I feared for. What’s even better is that my skin was glowing for days afterwards. As I checked out, the esthetician ringing me up asked a few questions pertaining to my skin type — whether it’s oily, dry, etc. — and based on my answers, she curated a bag full of samples unique to me that I could test out. Many spas often pressure you into purchasing their products after getting a facial, so it was a welcome change to be given free samples to try out first instead! 

With an outstanding staff and a spa treatment tailored to your unique to your skincare needs, indulging in a self-care day at this uptown spa is well worth your time, especially if you are on a budget! 

Photos courtesy of Pexels and Mario Badescu.

Hi! I'm Kate, and I'm a junior at New York University majoring in English.
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