How To Update Your Style For The New Semester

It’s a new year, and everyone’s looking for something to change. Although some pieces are classics, it’s amazing how much your style can change in a year. To honor the “new you” of this “new year,” we’ll teach you how to refresh your closet for the new semester!

The first step to a wardrobe refresh is to do a closet cleanout…

Pull out all of the clothes you own and put them into one pile. According to a ClosetMaid study, American women have an average of about 103 clothing items in their wardrobe, so it may look a little intimidating at first. Pick up each item and decide whether or not it’s time to let it go. We suggest taking a note from Marie Kondo if you’re struggling with getting rid of items. When doing a clean out she asks the question, “Does this spark joy?” Often times we want to keep things because of how much money we spent on it or because it was a gift from someone, but this leads to clutter. Only keeping items that you know you love and will wear, will make it easier for you to get dressed every day.

Next you need to look for inspiration…

Pinterest is amazing for getting inspired (and if you don’t already have a Pinterest account, you’re missing out on a slightly more productive form of procrastination). Start by creating a “New Style” board. If you know which words describe your style already, pop them into the search bar and start saving looks that catch your eye. You could also search by season or look for outfits from your favorite stars. After you think you’ve got a significant amount of pins saved to your “New Style” board, go through it and look for repeat colors, cuts, patterns and textures. This will give you a better idea of what to look for in the next step: shopping! This is also a great time to think about what pieces you’ve always felt were missing from your closet or if there’s something new you might want to try out.

Now it’s time to hit the stores (or your laptop)...

Keep your inspiration in mind and try on pieces that look like those on your “New Style” board. When you find a piece that you like try to be sure that you can make at least three outfits with it from what you already have left at home. If you buy items without thinking about this you can end up with a bunch of mismatched clothes. Then you may wind up feeling like you need to buy something else to go with the pieces you just bought, which leads to a wardrobe full of clutter all over again. If you had to get rid of worn out white tees or and old, washed out pair of jeans, now’s the time to stock up on those basics as well. Before you know it, you’ll be that much closer to the wardrobe of your dreams!

We hope we’ve inspired you to take stock of your closet and give your wardrobe a refresh for the new semester!

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