How to Reduce Stress During Midterm Season

Midterms season is upon us and you know what that means: unwanted stress-induced breakouts and the constant state of feeling overwhelmed. Midterms can seem like the ultimate buzzkill and put a total halt to your plans and your routine. Here are some ways to reduce stress and handle midterm season like a boss. 


One of my favorite stress-relieving activities is journaling. During midterms season, everyone on campus seems to be on completely different wavelengths and schedules and handle stress differently from one another. This means that not only are you swamped with work but so are your other acquaintances and friends. This may make you feel like you don’t have anyone to rant about that one exam that has you on edge. Take some time to write in a journal or even use an old notebook. You can write about your biggest fears, good old times, any thoughts you have, and even plan how you want to study for your exam. 

Catch up with a friend 

Studying for hours on end at a small, cramped desk can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, and can even make you feel lonely. It’s okay to take a break from staring at a computer screen or flipping through notes all day and just call or meet up with a friend. Exams can put a damper on you and isolate you from your friends. Spontaneously Facetime or text a close friend. Talk about something other than the exam that’s bugging you to give yourself a moment of peace. Or you could even meet up with them and grab a cup of your favorite latte, it's nice to get comfort from someone else in the same boat as you. 

Listen to your favorite jams

Depending on preference, some people study with or without music. Personally, I don’t study while listening to music (or at least while listening to my favorite music). But, it does feel pretty rewarding to listen to my favorite tunes after hours of studying in an endless silence. Take some time to make a playlist of anything that puts your mind at ease whether it’s early 2000’s throwbacks, Lo-fi remixes, or Rap. 

Work Out

I know it sounds like a bit of a stretch but working out even for 20 minutes can help reduce a substantial amount of stress. It doesn’t even have to be an intense, elaborate workout complete with sets and specific areas that are targeted. A simple walk around campus suffices as a workout: it gets the heart pumping and gives you some time and fresh air for you to clear your head. Break out the weights, a yoga mat, or even a pair of sneakers and release some endorphins. 

Practice one of your favorite self-care habits 

Believe it or not, but everyone unknowingly takes part in self-care in some sort of way. It can range from putting on a simple face mask, listening to music, watching that one episode of Friends because it simply gets them every time, or even indulging in their favorite snack. Do whatever butters your roll. Its extremely important to practice self-care, especially during stressful periods like midterms, finals or any season you feel like you’re drowning in work. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of midterm de-stressors. Good luck on your midterms! 

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