Here's How to Look Expensive On A Budget

Attending college in one of the most iconic fashion capitals of the world can make shopping seem like a daunting process. Between boutiques in Soho and designer sample sales galore, the options sometimes feel overwhelming. Should you splurge on a statement piece or stock up on simple basics? Luckily, Her Campus NYU is here to take the stress out of shopping. Take a peek below for tips on how to look more sophisticated, or “expensive” if you will, while still sticking to your college budget.


1) Fall in Love With Neutrals

The best way to simplify the shopping process is to embrace neutral tones. Not only will it be much easier to get dressed in the morning, but neutrals also tend to make any outfit look more put together. Native New Yorkers love black, so use this color as the foundation of your look. Add in denim and white, gray, or beige tones, and you’re all set. Everyone’s style is different and it’s nice to add a pop of color from time to time, but definitely start with neutrals as a base for your wardrobe.


2) Add a Little Sparkle

When purchasing jewelry and accessories, look for pieces that go with almost any outfit. Just like with basic colors, it’s easier to wear a simple pair of studs everyday than a pair of bright pink pom-pom earrings. Minimalistic rings, necklaces, and bracelets can be stacked together in different combinations to create unique looks. Plus, a metallic ring with a small gemstone will seem more luxe because it looks real (even if you snag it for only $2.99 at Forever 21).


3) Keep It Au Naturel

Pay close attention to the fabrics of your garments. Not only do pieces made from natural fibers tend to last longer, but they also can feel softer on our skin than plastic fabrics. While it can be challenging to find fabrics like silk on a budget (unless you get lucky at a thrift store), cotton is an affordable option, and who doesn’t like a good ol’ versatile white tee?


4) Point Your Toes

Dancers are always told to point their toes, so why not apply this principle to your wardrobe? Fashion editors everywhere agree that pointed toe shoes give any outfit a sharp, sophisticated, and professional edge. So, when it comes to flats, heels, and boots, opt for those with powerful, pointed toes.


5) Tailor Your Approach

This last tip is for the more ambitious fashionista with a bit more time to spare. Clothes that fit well and compliment your fabulous figure tend to appear more expensive, so bring your favorite pieces to a local tailor for adjustments. If you can’t afford to get your clothes tailored professionally, take the time to learn how to become your own seamstress. Tiny changes to create a custom fit make a big difference.


Keep these tips in mind when you’re updating your wardrobe this fall, and you’ll get that faux luxe look with money to spare! Happy shopping!


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