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While giving gifts to your friends, family, and loved ones definitely feels rewarding in the end, the process of shopping for them during the hectic holiday season is usually extremely stressful and overwhelming. To help make the process a little bit easier, Apollo Box, a shopping platform that works with small vendors to share unique and creative products, offers its customers one-of-a-kind gifts organized into three convenient sections!

Sweet Stocking Stuffers


As someone who has previously damaged their kitchen counter due to a lack of coaster-usage,  I firmly believe that coasters are a household essential that everyone could benefit from. That’s why they make for great stocking stuffers, whether it’s for a close friend who just moved into their first apartment or someone you don’t know well but ended up getting assigned to in your company’s Secret Santa. These toast and egg coasters are the perfect mix of fun and functional, but if you’re looking for a more elegant vibe, these quartz coasters may be a better match.

Mini Cactus Humidifier

No matter what your skin type is, you will most likely be feeling drier than normal during the cold, winter months — but don’t worry! This humidifier will keep your space refreshed with its hydrating, 4-hour long mist. In addition, it also functions as a night light which makes it the perfect gift for students who may work deep into the night.Cute Critter Toothpaste Squeezer

These animal-themed toothpaste squeezers are the ultimate stocking stuffer for that friend whose skincare collection takes up three shelves in their medicine cabinet. Although the name suggests it’s for toothpaste specifically, they will definitely work for tube products around the same size as toothpaste tubes. Your friend will thank you for all the extra product they’ll be able to squeeze out!

Study Buddy Spray

This Study Buddy Spray is an invigorating blend of organic peppermint, rosemary, and lemon that can supposedly boost your focus throughout long school or work days. Although some may feel skeptical about those claims, there’s no denying that misting your face feels luxurious and revitalizing, regardless. If you skin is sensitive and you feel wary of spraying these ingredients onto your face, consider using it as a room spray instead!

Warm Wintery Wares

Urban Forest Compact Mirror & Hand Warmer

This hand warmer is an absolute winter essential for very obvious reasons: to keep your hands warm! After chatting with some friends about the recent weather, we’ve all pointed out how we’ve been avoiding gloves because it makes it difficult to use our phones throughout our commute. Using a hand warmer, such as this Urban Forest, one is the solution to all of our very Millennial/Gen Z problems. However, it’s not just something you’ll use during the winter — it also features a compact mirror and a built-in power bank so you can warm up, freshen up, and power up all at once.

Plush Hooded Robe

If you or a loved one is the type of person who always complains about the cold, this oversized plush hooded robe will guarantee you 24/7 comfort with its thick, fleece fabric. Why not just drape a blanket over yourself, you ask? This robe flaunts an elasticized sleeve that will prevent any accidental food/drink touching that often occurs with long, draping cloth, sewn-in pockets to keep your hands warm, and a button-down front to make sure you’re whole body stays covered. Robe: 1 Blanket: 0.Unicorn USB Heated Slippers

According to Healthline, “Cold feet might be the reason behind your restless nights. When your feet are cold, they constrict the blood vessels and cause less blood to circulate.” To ensure that your body stays well-circulated and well-rested, try out these spellbindingly snug slippers! Just plug in its 57-inch detachable USB cord to any USB port, grab a book and a warm drink, and bask in coziness.

DIY Flower Petals Candle

Ever wanted to try your hand at candle making? This floral candle kit includes a silicone wax mold, flower petals, a wick, and wax to help you accomplish your DIY dreams. Not only is it a fun crafting gift, but it also works as unique and beautiful home decor. What’s not to love?

Particularly Personalized Presents

Personalized Moon Lamp

Nothing says “I love you” like a personalized message…except maybe putting that personalized message on the moon for your loved one to see every night. This personalized moon lamp from Apollo Box features an LED light that can switch between soft white and yellow, adjustable brightness, and a personalized message on 3D-printed, eco-friendly material. Serviceable, sustainable, and specially made for the most important people in your life.

Sailor Moon Necklace

The first step to achieving Sailor Scout style: accessorizing with these collectible Sailor Moon necklaces. Choose from the Cosmic Heart Compact, the Crisis Moon Compact, and the Crystal Star, or collect them all!

Hogwarts Wands Makeup Brushes / Hogwarts House Bath Bomb

Everyone has that one friend who rereads and re-watches the Harry Potter series annually (and if you don’t, you may possibly be that friend). Make their holidays even more magical by gifting them these Harry Potter themed gifts! If they wear makeup, these wand makeup brushes will be the perfect tool to help them achieve ethereal makeup looks, and if they don’t, these Hogwarts House bath bombs will provide a soothing yet surprising night of self-care.We hope we made your holiday shopping just a little bit easier and helped you find the perfect gifts, whether it’s for you, your friends, your family, or your random Secret Santa. And have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!

Love, HC NYU

Images courtesy of Apollo Box

Jamie is a senior at New York University majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication. Born and raised in Queens, she has always felt a deep connection with New York and eventually ended up attending both high school and college in the city. Some of her favorite things to do when she's not writing up her next piece include playing with makeup, reading a good book (her 2019 reco is Haruki Murakami's 1Q84), and talking about astrology (shout-out to any fellow Scorpios). After graduation, she hopes to continue her career in both the beauty and public relations/influencer marketing industries.
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