HC NYU Writers Capture Stunning NYC Skylines

One of the benefits of living in NYC is being able to witness the incredible skyline views. Whether in the morning or right at sunset, HC NYU writers show off the best of New York's colorful skies. 

"pre fire drill" [email protected]nina.haines

"When you discover you apartment building's rooftop view and nothing is ever the same again." [email protected]madisonfraser_

"Good morning New York! Why are you so photogenic?" [email protected]erinmuses

"#Foundmyselfat the 43rd floor of the Hilton Times Square" [email protected]joannec_96

"cotton candy clouds" [email protected]nina.haines

"Living a few blocks away from this is pretty sweet" [email protected]gab_bro

"So in love" [email protected]deenahabib