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Girl Crush of the Week: Grace Tartaglia

Name: Grace TartagliaYear: JuniorMajor: ChemistryHometown: Caldwell, NJ


Girl-Crush Status: She studies chem, she’s fluent in Italian, she Tumbles, she’s determined, and she’s got a great sense of humor.  She’s Grace Tartaglia, and she’s this week latest girl-crush.  The work never seems to end for this girl, with schoolwork and getting experience at hospitals that coincide with a possible medical career.  Yet somehow she’s seldom in a bad mood, which is impressive, seeing how most of us opt to go on a Netflix binge after one day of classes.  Evidently she’s just as ballsy as some of the TV character she admires.  Read on to find out what else she has to say.   

HC NYU: Who are your personal girl crushes and why?GT: Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen DeGeneres are the first who come to mind! Anyone who tries to be funny in a tasteful and harmless way is awesome in my book. They both seem like really compassionate people and very down to earth, and I hope that their success continues well into the distant future.

HC NYU :Are there any girl crushes you’re particularly adverse to?GT: Anyone who tries to force their beliefs or thoughts on others, and those who feel the need to tear other people down to make themselves feel better. They’re very toxic, not just to others but also to themselves, and I try to limit the number of people like that in my life.

HCNYU: So you’re big into shows such as Sherlock. What is it about their characters particularly that you’re drawn to?GT: Oh, I’m a total junkie when it comes to action-filled, dark humor, and thought-provoking shows. Sherlock is one of those unique programs that manages to frustrate me endlessly yet keeps me coming back for more. Plus, who doesn’t love Benedict Cumberbatch? I also like the balance of John’s good intentions that counteract with Sherlock’s disregard for the feelings of others. John is an equal to Sherlock, and not afraid to call him out on his arrogance and detachment. Their fraternal relationship is both captivating and heartbreaking, as the brilliant BBC show explores a unique version of Sherlock that stands out from the other adaptations. Moriarty is also intriguing in a Dark Knight’s Joker-esque way; the “watch the world burn” mentality has always been refreshing to watch because it stands out among the clichéd villain tropes on other shows.

HC NYU: Do you find female representation in film and other media to be apt?GT: I think the media is getting better about advancing female roles in films and TV shows. Thanks to people like Alison Bechdel calling out the industry on the objectification of women, there is more thought being put into the female character development. Most of them are no longer treated like decorations or plot devices anymore, but rather as powerful figures on the game board. Women like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, Joan Watson from Elementary, and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games are fan favorites among both female and male fans, which speaks a lot to the growing appeal of a strong woman character. They are more than just their gender, and they have a huge amount of control over how the story develops.

HC NYU: Do you have any particular opinion on the ways in which men’s roles in society have changed?GT: I think that men are being much more accepted as homemaking dads and aren’t expected to be the sole breadwinners anymore. It’s a great advancement not just for them, but also for women since they don’t have to worry as much about prioritizing their roles as moms over their careers. The definition of masculinity has also changed in that “being a man” doesn’t necessarily mean being physically fit, having a dominant personality, and being self-reliant. With the rise in respect for women comes a different respect for men; there is no increase or decrease in esteem by defying stereotypes, but rather a change in how we look at what success is regardless of gender.

Along with hummus, coffee, and Jon Hamm, Claudia's interests also include writing. She wishes to pursue a career in the editorial world and has experienced several previous editorial internships. She is currently studying Media, Culture and Communications at N.Y.U. along with an Italian minor.
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