Food Review: Burger & Lobster

Food! We all love it and as college students, sometimes we have a hard time affording it. Sure dining hall food is good and convenient, but how much of it can we take? I know every once in a while we all crave something different and delicious that won’t hurt our wallets, especially for us seafood lovers!

With that being said, I am happy to share with you all an adorable and homey restaurant called Burger and Lobster located on 39 West 19th Street. Although the name is a bit deceiving, this is not a fast food restaurant.

This British based restaurant is family-friendly and a perfect spot to hang out with friends, especially if you all have a shared love for seafood. There are three things on the menu: a lobster, either steamed or grilled, a lobster roll and a burger. Each meal comes with a small salad and amazing french fries. The best part is, each option is the same price and with a drink, you end up spending no more than $25, maybe a little less!

I’ve eaten here about four or five times and I have completely become hooked on the lobster roll. The roll itself is warm and buttery and the lobster meat is thick and seasoned to perfection. I also discovered their garlic butter, which I now request to pour on the lobster to add even more flavour! The salad is very light and very tasty as well, as for the amazing french fries I mentioned earlier, let’s just say we thought McDonald’s had the best french fries, lol!

The staff is super friendly and the service is amazing; you get seated and served promptly. The vibes are out of this world! The restaurant encourages their customers not to use cell phones, and invites us to pretend we are in 1995. I convinced my cousin to have her 16th birthday dinner here and not only she, but all of her friends, loved it. I was also able to introduce some of my closest friends to the restaurant, and they loved it even more because the restaurant isn’t too far from campus. I hope you love it! Enjoy.

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