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Flashnotes: Studying Pays (in the Financial Way)


  Have you ever looked down at the notes you’ve just taken and thought, “Wow…someone should pay me for these?”  Do you have perfectly color-coded flashcards, post-its, and highlighters of every kind that would make your old SAT tutor cry?  Well you, sir or madam, should take a good look at Flashnotes. 

  Flashnotes.com is a brilliantly-designed website where students can easily make $1000 in the next month simply by studying.  Sound like a scam?  Trust us: it’s not.  The site is a sutdent-to-student marketplace where you and your friends can sell and-or buy any of those grade-boosting materials– notes, flashcards, video tutorials– in a safe and easy manner.  The CEO, Mike Matousek, was recently a student himself, which is even more of an incentive for you to click on the above link (or this one). 

  So go ahead: be one of the many students making over $31 per hour for selling their notes.  You’ll be glad you did. 

Along with hummus, coffee, and Jon Hamm, Claudia's interests also include writing. She wishes to pursue a career in the editorial world and has experienced several previous editorial internships. She is currently studying Media, Culture and Communications at N.Y.U. along with an Italian minor.
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