Five Places to Study When You're Sick of Bobst

Offering 12-stories, millions of books, and a place to work 24/7, Bobst is one of the best places on campus to study, do research, and finish homework. But sometimes the silence can get eerie, the windowless lower levels can feel like a prison, and all the seats might even be taken. Look no further for other places on-campus or nearby to get your work done - here are my best picks.


The eighth and ninth floor lounges in Kimmel are my favorite places to study. Both have comfortable chairs and huge windows that offer incredible views of the city. If all the seats are taken, the hallways outside the lounges are also good for working since they’re quiet and there are tons of outlets to charge your laptop.

View from the Kimmel eighth floor lounge

Low Radar Coffee Shops

You’re in New York City, after all! For a change of scenery, try one of the dozens of coffeeshops near campus. Avoid places like Starbucks, Think, or The Bean, which tend to be loud and crowded. My favorites include Grounded in West Village and City of Saints, which is just a few blocks north of campus. Both tend to be quiet and have plenty of space to work -- not to mention the amazing coffee and treats they have. A quick search on Yelp! will show other coffee shops nearby, and you can even filter it based on noise level and whether they have free wifi.

Grounded in West Village

LaGuardia Corner Garden

If the weather permits, try one of the many parks and gardens in the city. WSP is great and convenient, but with so much going on, it’s challenging to get any work done. LaGuardia Corner Garden is right around the corner from Bobst and is a perfect, quiet place to get some reading done while enjoying some hard to come by nature.

LaGuardia Corner Garden

Journalism Building (20 Cooper Square)

As a journalism major I’m partial to this building, but the eighth floor has brick walls, huge windows showcasing East Village, and lots of chairs and computers. It’s normally pretty empty except for a few grad students that hang around to work. If you live in East Village, it’s faster to get to than the NYU buildings closer to WSP.

A lounge in the Journalism department

Other schools, like Steinhardt, Stern, and the law school have great lounges for studying as well. Don’t be scared to explore new buildings -- you just might find the perfect spot.