February's Must-Listen-To Podcasts

Happy February! Right now we’re all in that weird limbo between winter and spring, and right before midterms. If you need new podcast suggestions to keep your mind off the winter weather we’ve got you covered. From heartwarming to scandalous to wacky and hilarious, this month’s podcasts will expose you to stories that inspire you, uplift you, and inform you about the world. We hope you love listening to these podcasts as much as we do!

Modern Love

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If you’re looking for a podcast to delve into in honor of Valentines Day, then we’ve got the perfect podcast for you. Modern Love is a podcast by WBUR and The New York Times and features top actors performing true stories about anything and everything modern love and romance - including heartbreak and redemption. The episodes range in length from 15 to 30 minutes, making each story easily consumable but equally unique and poignant. If you’re interested in love stories grounded in real life, then this podcast is for you.

Death, Sex & Money


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If Valentine's Day isn’t your cup of tea, then we’ve got a podcast that deals with big questions outside of love and romance. On this aptly named podcast, host Anna Sale takes on the three topics that we love to hate to talk about: Death, Sex, & Money. During every episode, you will hear from celebrities and regular people talking about how they handle the big stuff in their lives: relationships, money, family, work, and the mistakes they’ve made along the way. This podcast will help you contend with your own “questionable” decisions too.

The Bustle Huddle

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If you’re a fan of Bustle -  the magazine known for covering issues and interests engaging women every day -  then listen in to The Bustle Huddle. This podcast gives Bustle writers, editors, and community a platform to engage with each other over a variety of topics important to young women today. From Bachelor contestants to becoming a cat lady, each episode tackles a different issue affecting millennial women in a way that is wonderfully fresh and empowering.

The Ron Burgundy Podcast

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After two successful movies, Will Farrell is bringing Anchorman into the podcast age with The Ron Burgundy Podcast. Reprising his iconic role as Ron Burgundy, Farrell engages in rapid-fire interviews with unassuming guests, tackles the neverending complexity of podcast genres (even though Burgundy doesn’t know what a podcast is) and learns the correct pronunciation of the word “Meme” and what it means in the first place. If you love the Anchorman franchise and need something hysterically funny to listen to, this podcast won’t let you down.

The Daily

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If you want to keep updated on current events that you should know about, but don’t have the time to watch or read the news, then The Daily is the perfect fit for you. Created by The New York Times, this podcast gives you a daily 20-minute recap of everything that you need to know to stay up to date and informed. Hosted by Michael Barbero and told by some of the best journalists in the world, this podcast is on your device by 6 a.m., making it perfect for your commute to work or school.

We hope this guide inspired you to look into some new fun and informative podcasts this month. Happy listening!