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The Fashion in Fran: Fran Drescher’s Best Looks Are In-Style Once Again

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NYU chapter.

“She had style, she had flare, she was there!” 

That’s how Fran Fine not only became the Nanny, but how she became an idolized figure of ‘90s television. The looks Fine wore, though flamboyant in the context of a stuffy Upper East Side townhouse, have come back in style once more. From leopard-trimmed coats to high-waisted skirts, the styles she once wore are back on the forefront of modern fashion.

Fran Fine, portrayed by Fran Drescher, was a loud-mouth New Yorker from Flushing, Queens, as explained in song in the show’s opening sequence. She found herself working as a nanny for an Upper East Side widow, Mr. Sheffield, in spite of her vibrant personality that seemed almost too loud for the job. With a Sound of Music like approach, as Drescher has noted before, Fine livens up an otherwise muted home through her comedic personality and clothes alike. 

The Red Turtleneck & Checkered Skirt

Arguably one of Fine’s most recognized looks is her red turtleneck and high-waisted checkered skirt combination. Not being afraid to bare leg in a seemingly reserved environment, many fans of the show have recreated this look due to its highly- recognizable nature. 

Leopard Print

As of last winter, animal prints have worked their way back to a socially-acceptable place in fashion. Although in recent years these prints have been stowed away in closets along with the rest of middle school memories, they now have reappeared in the form of midi skirts, accessories, and much more.

Handbag, but make it fashion.

A comedic throwback that is now popular once more is the ornate accessory. Fran had a wide-reaching collection of ‘90s accessories not too far from the colorful tinted glasses and bedazzled barrettes we commonly see today. 

A pop of color. 

Although Fine was no stranger to the little black dress, she toyed with bright colors as well. Sporting bright headbands and fur coats, these colors have come into circulation once more, most recently neon.

Cat-Eye Glasses

Last but not least, one of Fine’s most recognized images, from a modern perspective in terms of social media circulation, is her ivory fur coat and cat-eye sunglasses look. Though her dramatic personality takes precedence in the image, it’s no question these glasses can be found nearly everywhere on the streets of NYC today.

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