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The Do’s and Dont’s of Spring Fashion

Winter is pretty much over, so what better way to welcome warm weather than switching up what’s in your wardrobe! Transitioning seasons is a tricky thing, especially for those who live on the East Coast. However, with a few tips, you’ll be ready to go when those warmer days finally hit. The most important thing is to carefully pick and choose from ongoing trends. Picking styles that are comfortable and that suit you are crucial.

The easiest way to guarantee you are ready for those beautiful, sunny days, is to have a quality jacket on hand. Spring equals warm weather, but not warm enough for spaghetti straps and daisy dukes. Layering is the key to success, and so is buying for less. H&M has some super adorable blazers with playful patterns that you can throw over a pair of cuffed jeans, cigarette pants, or even a sundress. They’ll definitely keep you from wishing you had worn more than just a tank top in 50 degree weather.

Another neat way to transition seasons is to follow a trend that looks good on everyone. FRAYED BOTTOMS!  Zara has an abounding collection for these. Grey jeans, blue jeans, black jeans, you name it. They come skinny and also with a flare, guaranteed to amplify your look. It’s convenient  for spring because pants are still a necessary evil.  If you want to shed a few layers, try wearing a sleeveless top, but never go for shorts too early. You’ll have goosebumps all day and will be wishing you had bought that pair of frayed bottoms that caught your eye earlier.

The best way to welcome spring with open arms is to wear ballerina flats.  They come in all different shapes (yes, really) and colors.  The lace up ankle ties can be lively, especially in colors like electric blue. Not to mention, plain ballet flats in red with a little bow add a nice, feminine touch. They’re easy to walk in, and add a fun twist to an otherwise ordinary outfit.   

If you’re not feeling the spring jacket trend, silk-like bombers have made a comeback, thanks to Gucci and their fiend for the track suit. They can serve as the more edgy counterpart to your simple jeans and shirt ensemble. A stylish leather jacket is also an interesting way to spice up your look. Don’t be timid to steer away from those down and wool coats, because bomber and leather jackets are great ways to keep snug while still looking amazing.  

You can ensure that your spring wardrobe will be looking fabulous with these few tips. These items are a must, because they are simple enough to be worn throughout most seasons. That’s what transitioning is all about. Never jump right into the next season; that’s a rookie move! Items like the ones listed above will be a safe way to bring in the warmer months with a bang. Cheers to spring and having killer style!

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