Caitlin Moran Instructs Us on Becoming Women

I adore Caitlin Moran...she’s funny, whip-smart with that quintessential British snark, and most importantly, an accessible feminist for millennials and young people everywhere. I first read her novel, How to Build a Girl, a fictionalized account of Moran’s adolescence, and loved it so much I had to read on. I couldn’t bear a day without her signature quips about girlhood, sexism and the difficulties of being “cool.” How to Be a Woman is a hilarious, yet well-informed account of implicit sexism, the perils and joys of marriage and motherhood, those difficult–often highly politicized–decisions of clothing, shaving and all those millions of other things that fill our lives as ladies. Moran doles out fantastic, well-rounded and practical advice, talks about pop culture, sex and relationships, while making us laugh... often. You will find yourself laughing QUITE frequently while devouring this memoir. We need more empowering woman authors like Moran–she is fearless, funny and ready to spill her mind. Those thoughts which often are deemed too unladylike or too brash and brazen are never held back. How To Be a Woman is a charming little book with an even better, more humorously robust narrator. Give it a look!

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