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If you’re reading this, you’re either hysterically crying on a Tuesday afternoon or casually going about your day, but you have that certain someone in the back of your mind that you can’t seem to forget.

Or, maybe you’ve come to terms with the breakup and now living a fully functional, productive life and just stumbled on this article. (If this is you girl, let me know HOW.)

Regardless of where you are in the process, know that I’m right here with you. I felt every single up and down since my break up last month. I am pretty sure I’ve felt all there is to feel. The doubt, the overwhelming love, the sex deprivation, the lingering questions - you know what I mean.

Let’s take a breath and reflect on this for a minute.

Remind yourself of who you were before this person came into your life. Were you more open to meeting new people? Were there any hobbies that you love but forgot about? Were you content with the progress you were making on your own?

If the answer to the last question is no, this is your chance to devote time to yourself. 

And by that, I don’t just mean face masks, loud music, and questionable weekly hook-ups, though all of that does help ease the hurt (Been there, trust me). I mean making an effort to understand what makes you smile and feel most at peace with yourself every day.

Post-breakup glow ups are genuinely a thing because you start to realize you tolerated a lot more than you should have and then, you bounce back stronger. Although companionship is fun and intimate, was your relationship making you question your standards and deterring you from your academic/professional success? Were you waiting for that text back rather than enjoying time with your family or going to the gym?

Maybe what’s happening right now is for the best. We often reminisce on the past too long, which leads to fantasies on what "could've been." We eventually lose perspective of what happened in the relationship. Why keep someone in your life who isn’t welcoming you into theirs and makes you question your value?

Whatever the circumstances may be, even if you still feel love for them or not, the appreciation and respect you have for yourself and your hustle will help you move on. You’ll slowly be able to recognize your strengths despite not having someone there to bounce ideas off of or talk about your day. Especially right now with quarantine, the world seems to be falling apart at times, but you can choose to hold on to your positivity and radiate warmth despite how you’re feeling. 

If you need a friend to just listen to you when you're hysterically crying, I’m only a call away :)

ig: @meg.srabon

email: ms10957@nyu.edu

I'm currently studying Politics at NYU with a minor in Public Policy Management. I love writing poetry/prose in my free time and I've just recently started to write more seriously. I'm excited to have this platform to share my work!
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