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The Best Stores for Pajamas and Loungewear

The holidays may have passed, but a longing to stay cozied up in soft, comfortable sweats definitely still looms. With record-freezing temperatures and accumulating snow that makes going outside the least-bit desirable, it’s difficult to crawl out of bed for reasons outside of going to class! Check out the best stores below to strengthen your comfort-wear wardrobe!


A sector of American Eagle that has become increasingly popular in recent years, this line of loungewear, ranging from bralettes to sweatpants and even extending to swimwear, caters to each and every body size. The brand’s inclusive message is embodied through its diverse set of models of all shapes, sizes, and races, in addition to their reasonably-priced items, almost all of which are under $30.

Free People

Despite being known for its bohemian-esque clothing, with floral-printed maxi skirts and decadent jewelry, this clothing brand has two separate collections that will cater to your loungewear needs! Their first, “FP Movement,” is centered on fitness-wear including items like yoga pants, sweatshirts, and bodysuits. Their other collection, “Intimately,” includes pieces ranging from undergarments to sleepwear.


This online site sells an assortment of clothes reflective of the latest trends. From leopard print bodysuits to sheer kimonos, the online site tends to fly under the radar despite its unique pieces. Though offering a smaller selection, the brand offers a number of loungewear pieces, some of which are offered as two-piece sets! Additionally offering a student discount, the prices truly are unbeatable.


This U.K.-based online site sells just about every modern brand name under the sun. In addition to having pages and pages of trendy pieces, the site offers a number of loungewear sets, ranging from flare-ribbed pants to your classic lazy-day tunic.


Despite being more high-end, this Italian-based lingerie brand has an entire collection of loungewear composed of high-quality textiles ranging from satin to fleece. What’s even better is that Sarah Jessica Parker, a.k.a Carrie Bradshaw, was the face of the brand’s latest campaign!

Go ahead and treat yourself to some new soft, stylish, and oh-so-comfy clothes to slumber and lounge in. You deserve it!

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