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The Best Sample Sales of February


February is not usually thought of as a time for sample sales. Sample sale season has come to a lull but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there, it just means you have to look a little harder! Spend this time shopping brands that have flown under the radar, and fall in love with them at a sale. Check out the best ones below for February!

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Prudence Earl

1. Kipling Pop-Up Sample Sale

260 Sample Sale, 260 5th Ave

Feb. 18-23

The Kipling sample sale can be a wild one, as last year’s sale had lines wrapped around the block! While most merchandise is reasonably-priced, ranging from $40 to $50, it sells out fast. If you like Kipling, known for their various bags, this is a great sale to get at to relive your middle school days!

2. UNOde50

55 W 39th St (9th Floor Showroom)

Feb. 25-27

UNOde50 is an eclectic jewelry brand selling both men and womens’ jewelry and accessories. Head to their showroom to stock up on gifts for your loved ones for the year at this sale, and expect 80% off merchandise!

3. Thistle and Spire

20 W 20th St, Suite 1103

Feb. 28-29

Thistle and Spire is a high-end lingerie line so snatching deals at this sale is a must! Find unique pieces priced from $5 to $60. Having visited last year, I found the showroom to be adorable, complimented by a friendly staff! The deals are way too good to pass up so if you’re in the market to buy lingerie, definitely check it out. 

4. Boll and Branch

260 5th Ave

Feb. 25-29

Need new bedding? Boll and Branch is having a sample sale on every bedding item you could possibly need. With items discounted at 75% off, this is the place to stock up! Whether you want to redecorate your room or get a head start on spring cleaning, purchasing new bedding is a great place to start. An added bonus is that the sale is near campus! 

While this list is only a handful, these sales above are definitely worth checking out! You can locate some neat finds at reasonably-discounted prices. Additionally, it gives you the chance to explore and shop brands you may not have been familiar with beforehand. Personally, I have discovered some of my favorite brands from sample sales and I think you will as well! 

I am an MCC major with a focus in fashion. I love to shop, especially for designer bags, and you can always catch me at the next sample sale! I love writing about sample sales and which one I am headed to next.
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