The Best New Movies of Spring 2019

With each new season comes the release of lots of great, new movies. To help you decide which movies are actually worth the ticket price, check out some of our favorite new releases below!

  1. 1. Five Feet Apart

    Five Feet Apart tells the story of Stella, a young woman living with cystic fibrosis. Played by Haley Lu Richardson, Stella’s meticulously organized life gets turn upside down when she meets Will, a surly and sarcastic young man with a type of CF that’s even worse than hers. Because of the nature of the disease, Stella and Will are never supposed to be within six feet of each other; despite this distance, the actors themselves bring their audience easily into their world and give us a love story to rival Romeo and Juliet’s.

    Why it made the list: Despite the often predictable nature of doomed love stories such as this one—and no, that’s not a spoiler; it’s a movie about two fatally ill teenagers who could quite literally kill the other if they touch, that’s a pretty solid definition of doomed—the emotional beats in the movie still hit. I saw almost every plot twist coming, but that didn’t stop me from disrupting the whole theatre with my tears.

    Watch if you’re looking for: romance, a movie that will send you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and representation from a community that isn’t often depicted in film!

  2. 2. Us

    Jordan Peele’s Us follows the story of a family whose lives become disrupted when their “shadows,” doppelgangers who live underground and possess the same body as their above ground counterparts but without the soul, emerge from the sewers to carry out a sinister plan. During the film, once the shadows make themselves known, the talent that the cast possesses becomes even more abundantly clear. The mastery behind the concept of identical others asks that the cast displays acting prowess from every part of the spectrum, and they all deliver. From Lupita Nyong’o’s haunting portrayal of both the leader of the “shadows” and a scared suburban mother of two, to Shahadi Wright Joseph’s portrayal of a normal, cell-phone obsessed adolescent and her clone, whose eerie smile immediately makes viewers’ hairs stand on end, every actor delivers in every scene.

    Why it made the list: Jordan Peele? Lupita Nyong’o? Name a better pair, I’ll wait. No, but on a serious note—setting the gorgeous and gifted cast aside—I would have watched this movie

    It’s one thing to see a monstrous creature standing in front of you; it’s a completely separate thing if that monster looks exactly like you.

    Watch if you’re looking for: Strong Black leads and a thrilling film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  3. 3. Captain Marvel

    If you saw Marvel’s Infinity War, then you’ve been anticipating Marvel’s Captain Marvel since you saw Nick Fury frantically call her before turning to ash. Well the wait is over and it was well worth it; Brie Larson does not disappoint as Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, an intergalactic warrior-hero. She teams up a young Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, to uncover her mysterious past that might just be the key to saving the future.

    Why it made the list: There’s nothing I love more than seeing a strong woman with superpowers fight villains on the big screen. It’s also a perfect—and very necessary— way to prepare oneself to see Avenger’s End Game.

    Watch if you’re looking for: Action and adventure and answers to questions about the Marvel cinematic universe that you didn’t know you had.

You definitely don't want to miss these new, spring movies, so grab some friends and spend a weekend afternoon at the movie theater!