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Beauty Blog: Oscar Beauty Nominees

We all obsess over the dresses that grace the Oscar’s red carpet, but when I watch the Oscars, my attention is elsewhere. 

The A-Listers pulled out all the stops this year, and it was beyond gorgeous.  From delicate hairstyles to the perfect smoky eye, here are some of my favorite looks!

I mean, it’s JLaw – America’s sweetheart.  That perfect subtle cat eye, peach kissed lips, and hair.  THAT HAIR.  Only in my dreams could I achieve this kind of elegance.  It’s a sculpted but airy updo – my at home version would include some soft touch, yet strong hold, hairspray and a lot of gently running your fingers up and back through your hair to give it volume and shape.

This is very similar to Jennifer Lawrence’s look, but for Anne Hathaway’s polished combed look (which works on a shorter pixie cut), I would go for a mousse instead of hairspray.  Comb your hair in the desired direction, and finish by working a shine boosting serum or oil into your strand with your fingers gently.  This will keep it looking shiny and healthy while giving it just a hint of wave/movement.

For a flawless smoky eye à la Sandra Bullock, I can only offer one piece of advice:  blend, blend, blend.  This means you can slick on your eyeliner, cream shadow, whatever floats your boat, quickly because guess what?  You’re going to blend it out later.  Also, if you notice, her waterline has been lined with a slate grey liner instead of traditional brown or black.  It instantly draws attention to your peepers!

I love how Amy Adams mixed up her eye makeup by rocking a shimmering copper/bronze!  It looks like it has been taken up to her crease and blended out, and it has also been traced beneath her lower lash line.  A little champagne highlighter on the inner corners and a lot of mascara tops off her look.  Who says redheads can’t wear red?

Emma Watson is such a classy lady.  All her red carpet appearances, all the makeup looks she’s rocked (and I admit it, she’s made beauty mistakes too), has led to this moment.  The Queen should make a royal decree that from now on, Emma Watson must wear lipstick at all times.  She’s radiant in it!  This just goes to show you how much power a tube of lipstick has.  Also, she presented with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Fantasy couple right here, ladies and gentlemen.

Speaking of lips, can we take a moment to talk about Kerry Washington’s?  Her lip color is called Scandalous (jokes all around).  You can never go wrong with messy waves, va va voom lashes, and a strong seductive lip color.  Hot mama!

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