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New York City has some amazing, one-of-a-kind events happening this holiday season. Take a study break, grab some friends, and check out one (or all!) of these incredible experiences before they say goodbye.

Comedy Evening

Everyone needs a night out with the girls, but going out can be excruciatingly expensive. So this Thanksgiving, take advantage of the fun and free things going around in the city. If you’re looking for a humor-filled night out – Comedy Evening is the answer. It’s a free comedy show at O.P.P.A., right at the heart of NYU’s campus. The night will star comedians from Comedy Central, TruTV, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, and you will not be disappointed. You must be 21+ to attend as Comedy Evening takes place in a bar and it’s recommended that you buy a drink to support the bar and help it put on free shows. 

Here’s the Eventbrite for more details. 

Lumino City Festival 

LuminoCity Festival is a month-long immersive experience that features ornate light art displays, live performances, creative DIY workshops and a holiday market with scrumptious treats. It’s located in Randall’s Island Park, a park that falls between Manhattan, The Bronx, and Queens, which will give you the chance to explore a completely different part of the city. The Festival has three themes: The Winter Fantasy, The Wild Adventure, and The Sweet Dream, where each light installation will amaze you with its vibrant colors, evoking the holiday spirit. The workshops range from making  Custom Lanterns, to making personalized jewelry so you can Wear Your Art. The Holiday Market falls nothing short of spectacular, where you can expect Brooklyn Bao, The Mac Truck, Sam’s Fried Ice Cream and so much more. Although it’s not free, it might be the perfect way to spend the holidays with your family and friends.

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African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) 

New York City is the epicenter of the arts, but we don’t often have time to enjoy everything the city has to offer. But this break, catch a film at the African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF). Black directors and actors take the stage and shine a spotlight on the diverse black experiences. ADIFF brings to light the works of Egyptian, Brazilian, Nigerian, Indian, and American identities to the forefront. Usually, there aren’t as many opportunities for international Black communities to play a larger role in cinema, but ADIFF changes that by giving the opportunity for different voices to share their unique stories. So grab your tickets and don’t miss these spectacular films

Here’s more information about buying tickets!

Vegan Christmas Market 

If you’re looking for more charming holiday markets like Bryant Park’s Winter Village, the Vegan Christmas Market is for you! You’ll find all the holiday market staples here: vegan pastries, chocolates, make-up products, artisanal soaps, clothing and everything in between. If you’re veg-curious and want to learn more about animal-free products, you won’t want to miss this. The Vegan Christmas Market shows how we can shop and celebrate the holidays with love and compassion for all beings – humans and animals. It’ll take place in New York, Montreal and Toronto – so if you’re visiting home, you can still go with your family. The tickets for general admission are free but there is a VIP option as well, and the market will be open on Saturday and Sunday. 

Check out Eventbrite to find out more. 

Creative Climate Awards Exhibit

This one’s for the artists and environmental activists (but it’s open to everyone!). The Human Impacts Institute’s Creative Climate Awards (CCA) is an annual event displaying the public works of artists who are inspired by today’s climate crisis. CCA aspires to encourage us to evaluate our choices and their repercussions, through the lens of creative art. Taking the time to educate ourselves in the holidays might not be everyone’s first thought, but this exhibition may serve as an impetus for action and prompt more continuous conversation about our climate. The event is free too, take a few hours this break to be inspired.  

Check out the Eventbrite here!

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