Arianna Huffington's Sleep Hack: How to Transform Your Life, One Night at a Time

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Hey ladies, did you know that if you type, "why am I" into Google, the first suggestion that pops up is "why am I so tired?" As college students, we often feel as though we're stuck in an endless cycle of work and stress that makes it difficult for us to go to bed at a decent hour and sleep soundly through the night. Technology, with its glowing light and its endless distractions, makes it especially hard for us to sleep well. With finals looming ahead, we find ourselves spending an atrocious amount of time studying in Bobst, staying up late writing last minute papers and then trudging around campus the next day feeling like zombies. Even when we do get enough sleep, many of us still seem to be exhausted in the morning. Why? Arianna Huffington–editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post–tackles the issue of sleep deprivation in her new book, The Sleep Revolution.

Sleep is one of the most neglected aspects of our life and its importance is often overlooked by college students across the country. In Huffington's book, she explains that lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's and cancer. When we deprive ourselves of sleep, we also put ourselves at a higher risk for long-term health consequences. Sleep deprivation impacts all people, and Huffington argues that being successful can be attributed to sleeping more. Getting enough sleep can mean a more productive workday, leading to higher quality performance. Sleep–she argues–is the key to success.

The Sleep Revolution offers advice on how to transform your sleeping habits one night at a time to make you a healthier, happier and more successful individual. For example, napping–college students will be happy to know–can help alleviate the negative effects of sleep deprivation. Reading before bed (yes!) can also aid in getting a better night's rest, as immersing yourself into another world takes your mind off current problems. Reading is a great way to distress, and will help ease you into sleep, gently and reliably. Below, are Huffington's 12 tips for better sleep.

If sleep deprivation is something that you struggle with, we've collected some items that will help you get a better night's sleep. Our sleep kit includes a comfortable Coco-Mat pillow and a Marpac portable sound machine. Marpac's sound machine provides soothing, natural "white noise" sounds to block out unwanted noises and give you the peaceful sleep that your body needs. To see how you are sleeping, use a sleep tracker. This sleep tracker by Hello not only informs you about your sleep habits, but how to improve them. Don't miss out on the #SleepRevolution College Tour, where Huffington will be visiting campuses across America to share tips and tricks on how college students can get more sleep. 

You can purchase The Sleep Revolution here. Here's to transforming our lives, one night at a time!