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Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ Has Wrecked Me

Adele released her first single in six years, “Easy On Me.” here’s how it affected me. 

English singer-songwriter Adele’s release of her latest single “Easy On Me,” has simultaneously smashed my heart to bits and magically healed me at the same time. Adele happens to be one of my favorite singer-songwriters of all time, so it’s safe to say that I was excited for the song’s release was the understatement of the century. The soulful ballad was released on October 15, 2021 and was written by Adele Adkins and Greg Kurstin, who is also one of the producers for her upcoming album, 30. “Easy On Me” is the lead single from her upcoming album and the first track to be released. 

The legendary 33-year-old artist hails from London, England and skyrocketed to fame at the age of nineteen with her debut album, 19. Her three studio albums, all named after her age at the time of recording them, including 19 (2008), 21 (2011), and 25 (2015). Her music is a mix of multiple genres including R&B, soul, and pop. Some of my favorite hits of hers include “One and Only,” “Don’t You Remember,” “Daydreamer,” “Hometown Glory,” and “Rumor Has It.” Basically, I love her entire discography. I could listen to Adele for ages and never get tired of her heart-wrenching music. Adele is one of the most decorated artists in the world, with 18 Grammy Awards for her albums and performances. She was married to charity CEO Simon Konecki and they have a son, Angelo, together. She has told several news outlets that her upcoming album is about her divorce from Konecki in 2021 and how it affected her. She is currently dating American sports agent Rich Paul. 

“Easy On Me” has broken the internet since its release. With rave reviews, the single has broken records as the most-streamed song in a single day on Spotify with 24 million streams. The song highlights Adele’s unparalleled vocals, with only a soft piano serving as the accompaniment and barely-there bass beats in the background. The music video currently has 66 million views. In the music video for her ground-breaking single, she pays homage to two of her old hits “Rolling in the Deep” and “Hello,” by moving out of the house that she built in “Rolling in the Deep” and moving into the house in the music video for “Hello.” Adele told several news sources that “Easy On Me” is addressed to her nine-year-old son Angelo and attempts to explain her divorce from his father as she pleads with him to go “easy on her.” 

I’ve been listening to the track on repeat and won’t be able to stop anytime soon. Adele’s message and prayer for mercy and understanding have pulled at my heartstrings and made me cry the first time I heard it. In my view, this song is both a plea and an ode to the naivety of youth. Adele talks about mistakes made and regrets formed, but she speaks of them with maturity and grace in her reflection. As someone in my 20’s, I feel like this song encapsulates the beginning of adulthood, trying to figure your life out, and falling in love for the first time. She references that these mistakes, ambiguous as they are, were made in her youth when she sings “I was still a child/ Didn’t get the chance to/ Feel the world around me.” Other lyrics that I really loved and felt emphasize this message include, “I had no time to choose what I chose to do” in the chorus. 

“Easy On Me” is part of Adele’s upcoming album 30 which is set to be released on November 19. This will be her fourth studio album and her first album since the 2015 release of 25. On Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, people have been posting hilarious memes of their reactions listening to “Easy On Me” and their predicted responses to 30. I don’t know about you, but I totally relate to them. Here are a few of my favorites: 

Despite how hilarious the memes are, in all seriousness, Adele’s “Easy On Me” is one of the most beautiful, touching songs I have ever heard. I am beyond excited to hear the other songs on 30, and will be standing by with several boxes of tissues ready.  

I am a student at NYU Gallatin's School of Individualized Study concentrating in theatre, creative writing, and women's studies. I love performing, playing guitar, writing, and advocating for women's rights in my spare time! I love NYU and working with other women to change the world for the better. In addition to writing for Her Campus, I also write articles on my personal website mayamehrara.com.
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