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6 Ways to Step up Your Online Portfolio

As graduation rolls around, freshening up your online portfolio is a must. And while routine updates may be necessary, there are various other ways to make your portfolio more exciting. You can introduce new sections or enhance existing features. Here are some ways to make your portfolio stand out. 

Custom Favicons

Say goodbye to boring icons, and hello to customization! A favicon is a tiny yet notable aspect of a website, so customizing it can significantly create a difference. It’s a way to show that you pay attention to details and put thought into each aspect of your work. Having a favicon can help others identify your online portfolio with ease.


Even if writing is not your best skill, keeping a blog can be super beneficial. Not only can you build a community among the topics you choose to write about, but it can also help drive traffic to your website or portfolio. This skill can help in gaining exposure, as well as making meaningful connections and networking. 

Interactive Images

An exciting way to make simple images pop, interactive images are an eye-catching way to add notes, link multimedia and more, to images on your portfolio or website. It’s an effective way to provide more information on images if you have limited space or if your aesthetic is more on the minimalist side. 

Parallax / Animations 

For an out-of-the-box experience, parallax and animations can make your online portfolio or website significantly more engaging. It’s a fun twist to add to showcase your content while also showing off your technical skills. This addition is a perfect way to revamp pages that have a long scroll. 

Color Schemes 

Having a set color scheme can remarkably create a difference to your portfolio or website. It provides a more sleek and organized look and allows you to build upon your branding. Colors also play an essential role in psychology, emotion, and moods, so it’s crucial to pick your colors carefully based on what message you want to convey. 

Your favorite… books, music, etc. 

Don't be afraid to get personal! Whether a specific niche centers your portfolio, or you want to introduce new sections to your portfolio or website, sharing a piece of your interests provides a break away from your professional information. It's a great way to share your personality in a nutshell. 

Mariam is a freshman at NYU SPS. With a passion for ice cream, travel, and music, she aspires to write relatable content for the HerCampus NYU community. To chat or ask any questions, you can reach Mariam at mk7583@nyu.edu.
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