5 Stylish Gender Fluid Clothing Items Just in Time For Winter

The leaves are falling, the breeze is quickening and cold is settling in. Soon the snow will be falling, and people will be shuffling down the streets, bundled up from head to toe. After all, this is New York City: a city filled with life, vibrance and most importantly—fashion. Every season there are new fashion trends, with the residents of New York City leading the way. As the world is evolving and progressing, many brands are promoting their new gender fluid clothing lines. These clothing lines promote equality, progress, and of course—style. Here are some of the hottest gender fluid winter items that you will definitely see, whether in your own closet or on the street!

1. Puffer jacket

One winter essential is a nice warm puffer jacket. Disclaimer: it’s true—sometimes they can make you look like a marshmallow. However, if you opt for some sleeker, longer puffers, you’ll not only stay warm, but you’ll look stylish on the street. These puffers are sold in all colors, but basic black is a definite must-have. Trade in that LBD for a LBF (long black puffer) to keep you cozy in the winter!

2. Dress pants 

Along with a nice puffer jacket, pants are essential to surviving those sudden gusts of wind. Loose fitted pants are still trending, however the trend has transitioned from the Boyfriend jean to dress pants! These dress pants hang loose from the hips and are often cropped at the ankles. Totally tasteful from top to bottom!

The classic pair of skinny jeans is a must-have this winter. Not only is its distressed aesthetic in style  right now, but they are a perfect combination of classy yet laid-back, matching any and every outfit.

Now onto the best part of the outfit—shoes. One shoe brand that is becoming more and more popular is Timberland. These shoes add some edge to any outfit. Wearing these, you’ll make a statement with each step.

Another popular winter shoe is the Adidas Stan Smith’s. These shoes are a great representation of sporty chic footwear. Their bright, white color adds a pop of sleekness to your outfit, paired with the comfortability and durability of a sneaker.

Gender fluid clothing is becoming increasingly popular while our society grows more progressive, informed and tolerant. Make sure to grab some of these must-haves before it gets too cold out!

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