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5 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Filmed At NYU

With the cold weather around the corner, here are a few NYU-repping movies to cozy up with and watch at home. A few key locations include Washington Square Park, Union Square, Waverly Place, and outside of Weinstein. Watch away!

1. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

In part of this movie, Tibby goes to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts to pursue her dream of filmmaking. She lives in a first year residence hall, and there are even a few scenes shot right in front of the steps of Weinstein.

2. August Rush

Interested in knowing what Washington Park looked like nine years ago in 2007, whilst set in the 1990s? August Rush includes many scenes depicting NYU territory, particularly Washington Square Park. However, there are also scenes in Union Square, making us reminiscent of those Palladium, University Hall, or Carlyle days.  

3. Remember Me

Robert Pattinson is on Waverly Place? I thought that was for wizards, not vampires! Just kidding. In this romantic drama, NYU students Ally and Tyler have a complex relationship. Tyler works in the NYU bookstore, and Ally is a budding NYU artist.

4.  When Harry Met Sally

This classic movie has scenes all over New York, but Sally’s first arrival is at the Washington Square arch. Released in 1989, it is evident that this movie features Washington Square Park during a much different time. The cars are much older, there are more trees in the area, and to add, the construction on the left side of the street is not there.

5.  Something Borrowed

Although Shake Shack is not necessarily NYU territory per se, it is located quite close to Gramercy Green, lovingly known as “Gram”. In this romantic comedy, Dex and Rachel study together at NYU Law (although in my opinion the classrooms look a lot more like Stern). Fun fact: one of the producers of this movie went to NYU Tisch!

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