5 Easy Ways to Get Clear Skin

Acne got you down? Maybe you only breakout that time of the month or when finals season rolls around, or maybe you’ve suffered from acne for years. Either way, almost everyone gets pimples at some point. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but there’s no doubt that it’s frustrating and can take a toll on your self confidence. With so many options, it may seem impossible to find a treatment right for you. Follow these tips for a good start to getting your clearest skin. 

1. Over-the-counter treatments

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and quick solution, this might be your best bet. Your local pharmacy probably has dozens of products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, two of the most common ingredients to treat acne, and most products are less than $20. Neutrogena’s on-the-spot treatment is a good product and since it has a lower benzoyl peroxide concentration, it won’t irritate your skin. But while this might be effective for the occasional breakout, it stops working when you stop using it, so it’s not the best if you want a long-term solution for more severe acne.

2. Natural treatments

Don’t like the idea of putting chemicals on your skin? Even though those products can be effective, some people prefer a more natural solution. Tea tree oil is one of the best natural solutions that has worked for lots of people (myself included). You can either buy the oil and apply it as a spot treatment with a q-tip or you can buy products infused with tea tree oil, like this face wash from the Body Shop.

Some people have also found that green tea can be effective in reducing inflammation and redness, so dipping a washcloth in green tea and pressing it on your face may help, but it shouldn’t be your only solution. Also, a quick search will show dozens of masks you can easily make with household ingredients. This can make for a fun spa night, but be sure to test it on your hand first to make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin.


3. Dermatologist

If you’ve had acne for years or if it has recently gotten more severe, you might want to see a dermatologist. He or she will be able to pinpoint the cause and find a solution tailored to you. It can be expensive, but the doctor typically can give coupons for prescriptions, and it will be a more permanent treatment than anything else. After having acne for almost ten years, my face is finally starting to improve since I started going to my dermatologist.

4. Diet change

This one can be harder to control, but changing what you put into your body can change how it looks on the outside. Try to cut back on greasy foods, sodas, and unrefined carbs. Dairy has also been linked to acne in several studies and I saw improvement when I stopped eating it. Small steps like switching out regular milk for almond milk, drinking lots of water everyday, and taking vitamins will keep you healthy and your skin will thank you.

5. Birth control

Finally, if you’re only breaking out around the time you get your period, you probably have hormonal acne. Other treatments might make the breakouts less severe and make your skin clear up faster, but birth control might help get to the root of the cause and prevent your skin from breaking out. Talk to your doctor or gynecologist if you want to try birth control or to learn more about it.

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