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4 Tips on Healthy Growth and Self-Love While in College

As a college student, I know how hard it can be to find yourself in a new environment while holding onto the person you were in high school. Change can definitely be a good thing because it’s a sign of maturity and growth, however, too much change can be a little scary. What you want to be aware of is changes that benefit you rather than alterations you make to yourself to please others.

For example, noticing yourself develop a more positive mindset, taking a different stance when it comes to politics, finding a newfound appreciation for a certain type of music or another culture—these are always positive changes; in fact these are changes you want to see in yourself during your college years. However, it is a completely different thing to change based on your environment and the people you are around. Changing for others will only leave you unhappy and lost. So here are some tips on healthy growth while being able to hold on to your best you.

1. “Me Time”

For one, I think it is very important to feel comfortable in your own skin. One way to do this is to constantly have as much “me time” as possible. During your “me time” you can treat yourself to your favorite dessert, your favorite movie, or even take yourself on a walk while listening your favorite song. That’s right, girl—take yourself on a date!

2. Communicate with friends

You should also be able to tell your friends what you like and don’t like without feeling uncomfortable. If your friends make you feel bad about the things you like by constantly shutting down all your ideas, or anything of that nature, you should definitely find new friends who love you for who you are. Because one, you don’t need anyone’s approval and two, you are just as important as everyone else.

3. Stay in contact with family and friends

One thing I think is super important is staying in contact with your family daily. No one knows you better than your own family, especially your parents, siblings and your best friend from back home. Keeping these people in your life will remind you of your upbringing and little pieces of advice that you never thought you’d need.

You may find that speaking to family will actually push you to be the best you can be, because one thing families are good at is motivating and encouraging the people they love. You can always count on them to help you solve a problem and/or consider all of your options before making any major decisions. Maintaining a strong relationship with my parents, especially my mom, has made college ten times easier for me. If I didn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone, or if I wanted to hear the harsh truth, my parents were always there for me.

4. Don’t doubt yourself

The last piece of advice I will offer is this: never doubt yourself. Always listen to your gut instinct and do what makes YOU happy. Don’t run wild now! You should definitely be safe and rational at all times, but never forget to put yourself first. It’s okay to be selfish with your time sometimes, especially when you want to do something for yourself. You are not and should not be living your life for anyone else so make the most of it and you will survive!      

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