4 Hidden Gems in Chelsea Market

Amid the chaos and throngs of tourists crowded into the old market space lie some great shops and restaurants within Chelsea Market. If it’s your first time going, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to put on the top of your list - these four places are a great place to start!

1) Amy’s Bread

Just off the main walkway lies Amy’s Bread: a bright and spacious cafe amid the bustling pedestrian foot traffic. From standard loaves of baguettes and bagels to homemade focaccia and cupcakes, they serve up all kinds of delicious handcrafted treats. Maybe not the most ideal study spot, but the cerulean blue walls, wooden chairs, and pictures of pastries adorning the walls is bound to bring you into this warm space to chat and relax with some friends.

2) Posman Books

Reminding me of a secret hideout or treehouse nook, Posman Books is an independent bookstore that can whisk you away from the noise of the main halls. The bookstore carries almost every genre of book imaginable and is reasonably priced as well. They also sell some other fun knick-knacks like pins, keychains, stuffed animals and bookmarks for everyone who has a ‘to-be-read’ list that's already way too long.

3) Doughnuttery

On a crisp cold day, nothing can warm your soul more than some freshly fried up mini donuts. Hidden in the back of the main food court is Doughnuttery; serving up customizable donuts in a variety of unique flavors. The donuts are pleasantly crisp on the outside yet soft and doughy on the inside for maximum enjoyment. You can go for some tasty original flavors like cinnamon sugar or be daring and choose a flavor like “purple pig,” a donut with maple, bacon, and purple potato… just the right thing to satisfy your wild side.

4) Pearl River Market

Pearl River Market sells hundreds of Asian goods for affordable prices. While they mostly sell Chinese products and furniture, you can also find products from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and a variety of other countries. From fashion to candy, there’s hidden gems all over this store. The market is also owned by a family of Taiwanese immigrants who are proud to celebrate their traditions and cultures through the shop.

All of these stores (and many others in Chelsea Market) make up wonderful parts of the New York experience, coming together to make Chelsea Market a truly interesting and enjoyable part of your day... Have fun!

Image Credits: Author's Own