23 Thoughts We All Have When Shopping at Trader Joe’s

1. I’m going to pick up a few things at Trader Joe’s, this is going to be great. I love Trader Joe’s. Yay adulthood!

2. Holy cow, this line is so long. It can’t be worth it. Why did I even think coming to Trader Joe’s at 6:00 on a Friday was a good idea?

3. Well, I’m already here, might as well stick it out. No turning back. I’m committed to this mission. Let’s do this. #YOLO

4. Honestly, why didn’t I just bring someone with me to wait in line while I get my stuff? I only need two things: bananas and cereal. I should have come another time.

5. Hmm, at this point if I’m going to wait in this long line, I might as well get a few more things.

6. No I do not need your help, employee at Trader Joe’s, I am perfectly capable of finding the Himalayan pink sea salt shakers.

7. Just kidding. Please help me. This place is a maze.

8. I want, (scratch that), NEED all the peanut butter cups. All. Of. Them.

9. I don’t know what sweet onion and bacon vinaigrette is or what it’s going to taste like but I am buying it.


11. I should have gotten a shopping cart.

12. Darn, are you KIDDING me? That lady just took the last jar of cookie butter!

13. This place is so claustrophobic. Please get out of my way.

14. We need a new plague.

15. Ooh they have a wine section!

16. Okay getting in line. What did I come in here for again?

17. I got in the shorter line...Why is the other one moving faster? Life isn’t fair.

18. Let me just put all the snacks in my basket. This is the equivalent to the isle of doom at the Sephora checkout.

19. Bless up I made it alive to the checkout counter.

20. My total is...what???

21. I changed my mind. I don’t want to be an adult anymore.

22. Ah screw it, treat yo self.

23. Two hours later: I made it out alive. I am never doing that again (but let’s be real, I obviously will because Trader Joe’s is amazing.)