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17 Things Only People Who Stay Late Up Will Understand

Any night owl will tell you–there’s just something magical about nighttime. And though one could argue that healthier choices could be made, it’s really just how we function. Here are 17 things that any nocturnal can relate to. 

1. You love staying up late because it feels like you have the whole world to yourself.

It’s quiet, no one is texting, calling or emailing you.

2. You spend the night constantly look at the time and calculate how many hours of sleep you would have left if you stayed up just a little bit longer…


and you convince yourself that it’s enough.

3. Even though you were falling asleep in class earlier, once the night hits you’re wide awake.

There’s something energizing about 1 a.m.

4. And though you couldn’t focus, as soon as the sun goes down you’re productive AF.

Write a paper at 10 a.m.? Yeah right. 2 a.m.? No. Problem. It’s when you get your best work done.

5. Alone with your thoughts, you get to deeply consider the meaning of life, spirituality and the current state of the human condition

What is life even? 3:30 a.m. you knows.

6. You’re the person your friends reach out to when they need someone to talk to past regular people hours.

They can always count on you being up.

7. Everything tastes better after midnight.


Seriously. Everything.

8. You know all the late night and 24-hour spots in your area.

And they know you.

9. The clock app on your phone has alarm options for every hour of the day because you’re constantly napping to make up for your late night habits.

Let’s be real though you sleep through most of them.

10. You kind of hate yourself in the morning for thinking 3 hours of sleep would be enough.

It really isn’t.

11. You constantly wonder why sleep is even necessary…

But then you remember how amazing it feels when you do sleep.  

12. When you finally decide to lay down and go to sleep, you still spend another few minutes on your phone.

Scroll, scroll, swipe, swipe.

13. Friends and family are always questioning your lifestyle choices.

14. Which is why it’s so nice when you meet others like you.

15. You’re the absolute worst at waking up early.

It’s next to impossible.

16. As much you love the night, you also sort of secretly wish you could be a morning person.

The world just kind of seems like it was designed for them.

17. But no matter how useless staying up makes you the next day, you’ll probably never stop.


My name is Catalina Gonella, I’m one of the Campus Correspondents at Her Campus NYU, and a junior studying Journalism & Media, Culture and Communications. I'm originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I moved to South Florida when I was seven to a little suburby city by the name of Coconut Creek. A few other things you should know about me: I'm obsessed with food (current favorite: Ramen), I believe my calling is to try every single coffee shop in New York, I don't know how I expressed myself before Pusheen the Cat and Gifs, and I love when people tag me in Facebook dog videos.
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