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11 Tweets to Get You In a Spooky Halloween Mood

Midterms got you down? Already dreading the inevitable “What are you doing with your life” questions from your relatives this Thanksgiving? Worry not; it’s still spooky season! Check out these tweets and enjoy!

1. A costume that’s not October specific:2. One of the most horrifying sentences in the English language:

3. This spunny (spooky & punny) tweet:

4. This clearly well drawn kitty is ready for Halloween!

5. One of many great haunted house suggestions:

6. Even “God is a Woman” singer Ariana Grande got in on the spooky hilarity:

7. This person clearly wants as much bang for their buck as possible:

8. This is scary pretty much any time of the year:

9. This person has a pretty tough call to make: 10. I think we’ve all been here:

11. Some people took their costumes a bit too seriously:


Happy Halloween!

Images courtesy of Twitter.

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