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10 Signs You Studied Abroad in Sydney, Australia

1. Tim Tams

You have experienced joy in the form of a chocolate malted biscuit: Tim Tams! By the end of your stay in Sydney, you have tried the classic Tim Tam, or perhaps the dark chocolate one. You’ve also undoubtedly seen advertisements for most of the cocktail-flavored cookies (my personal favorite being the caramel ones).

2. Beaches With Pine Trees

Nothing is more confusing yet exciting than seeing beaches right next to pine trees. Normally one would expect to see palm tree after palm tree, but in Sydney there are a plethora of beaches covered in freshly scented pines. Manly, Bondi, Coogee—you name it!

3. Woolies

Otherwise known as: Woolworths! As the largest Australian grocery chain, Woolworths has undoubtedly been a frequent stop for a variety of reasons: from dinner needs, to toothpaste and the endless list goes on.

4. Kangaroos

If you’ve been lucky enough, you probably have taken a photo of or even with a cute kangaroo. Contradictory to most people’s assumptions, you know that kangaroos are not found casually lounging on beaches in Sydney. In order to see them, you know you have to drive a few hours to a special nature park, or the Featherdale Wildlife Park in the city.

5. More Cuteness: Koalas

In addition to seeing kangaroos, you have also spotted koalas. They sleep 18 hours a day to accommodate for their consumption of eucalyptus - a toxin-filled plant. Talk about spirit animal!

6. Vegemite

As one of the most popular spreads of Australia, Vegemite is a must-try. You are now beyond familiar with its unique, salty flavors. (Heck, I even had to write an entire paper about vegemite!)

7. Surfing

After visiting a few beaches, you have attempted to surf at least once! You have also probably learned that being short is a hidden advantage of staying on the board! Who knew?

8. Australian White Ibis

If you have ever been to Hyde Park (yes, Sydney has one of those! It’s not only in London), you have definitely seen one of these fellows walking around. The Australian White Ibis is just one example of many exotic-looking birds you have seen on the regular. We can’t forget the Cockatoos!

9. Iced Coffee (but better)

Australian iced coffee is different than American iced coffee due to one word: ice cream. It is coffee with ICE CREAM! In other words, Australian iced coffee is a sugar-lover's heavenly paradise.

10. Brekkie

The most important meal of the day is way better when it is Australian-style brekkie. Although traditional Aussie brekkies include sausage, beans, eggs and the usual breakfast foods, Aussies also know how to make a magnificent acaii bowl. Breakfast never tasted so good.

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