10 Reasons Why Having Small Boobs Rocks

For a rather long portion of my twenty-year-old life, I felt sadness, anger, and disappointment with my small boobs. It seemed that all the boys wanted larger-breasted females, and that girls with bigger boobs could easily pull off any fashionable outfit. I wanted to be able to wear a glamorous V-neck and have it not fall flat—I wanted to be able to show some cleavage or have an open shirt with curves. However, with time, I have learned that there are many hidden perks of being flat chested.

1. You can wear low-cut dresses with no problem.

You can freely wear dresses with a scandalous, plunging neckline without worrying about having everything fall out. These dresses tend to look more flattering on flat-chested girls. Take par exemple, Rachel McAdams.

2. You can go braless whenever you want.

If you don’t want to wear a bra, you don’t have to wear one! Having smaller boobs means that you don’t have to stress about everything flying around; your chest will remain perky and comfortable regardless.

3. Adios backaches!

You can say buh-bye to worrying about your back being sore from the extra weight of huge boobs. It’ll be easier to maintain good posture when you’re working on homework or sitting at a cafe. No more hunching shoulders!

4. Exercising is a piece of cake.

You can do all the jumping jacks you want! There’s nothing on your chest that will get in the way or hold you back. Workouts won’t be as much of a pain, so embrace the gym!

5. Button down shirts aren't constraining.

Chic flannels, casual button downs, you name it: anything can essentially be worn without being paranoid about cleavage bursting your buttons. So, don’t be timid to pull out that collared top, unbuttoned deep and low. It can really bring out a subtle and sophisticated sexiness.

6. Food never gets stuck between your boobs.

Whether you’re a messy eater or not, you don’t have to worry about sandwich crumbs getting trapped in your shirt or bra. This is super irritating especially when you have to awkwardly rummage for the miniscule bread crumb in public. We’ll pass.

7. Crop tops don't look like bras.

You can wear your faded high-waisted shorts and flowery crop tops without being paranoid about revealing too much skin. Have fun with the versatility of the crop top, and don’t be shy to show a coy glimpse of skin. Bring back the 1980’s with style and confidence.

8. Your size rarely sells out.

Whenever you shop at VS you know you never have to worry about the 32A section selling out anytime soon. Plus, lots of the times they come in fun, colorful patterns. Definitely a step up from the typical plain, nude ones.

9. Three words: extra storage space.

What’s more convenient than secret extra storage space? There’s definitely ample room in your bra to store your phone, some emergency cash, and your college ID. Say adios to worrying about losing your belongings.

10. The IBTC fam is pretty amazing.

A few members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee include: Kate Hudson, Emma Watson, Cameron Diaz, Emma Roberts, Natalie Portman, and most importantly—yourself! Here’s to embracing small boobs. Life is so much easier.

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