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10 Reasons to Love Your Mom

Mom has been there through thick and thin, through winter and summer, from puberty and your first bra *shudder* to...life. She is the best, most beautiful, selfless, smart, amazing person in the world. Just in case you need a few extra reminders on why mom rocks, read on!

1. She Always Knows What to Say

On your best day and your worst, Mom always knows what you need to hear. She gives you tough love when you need it, but she is also the first shoulder that you cry on.

2. She Loves You Unconditionally


Even during your bratty teenager phase, she was right there cheering you on. When you argued about meaningless topics, she never gave up on you either. Your mom loves you no matter what!

3. She is the Best Listener

In addition to giving the best advice, Mom always knows when to just listen. Sometimes you need to rant and get things off your chest, and your Mom will listen to your problems without interjecting. She is always around whenever you need her most.

4. She Taught You Everything

From table manners to fashion trends and how to sound professional on the phone, Mom has taught you everything. She taught you how to see the positives in life, how to be strong and how to treat others the way you want to be treated. You would not be who you are today without her.

5. She Drove You Everywhere

If you are from the suburbs—or basically almost anywhere—your mom has most definitely taken you to school, the dentist, the doctor and to many other places more than just once. I cannot count the number of times my mom has been there to pick me up and take me somewhere. Moms are the greatest mode of transportation!

6. She Takes Care Of You

Who was the first person you ran to when you came down with a burning fever? I’m guessing a three-lettered word that starts and ends with M! Thank you Mom!

7. She is the Strongest Woman In the World

Your mom is relentless! She might have her off days sometimes, but she will always come running when you need her. She makes sure that everything is okay, and she is basically Wonder Woman.

8. She is Your Biggest Fan

She makes you try new things, from new foods to new sports, with the kindness, consideration and patience of a goddess. Then, she cheers you on every step of the way. Mom is your biggest fan!

9. She is Always There For You

Whether boyfriends come and go or your friends are mad at you, mom is the one you can always count on. She will always support you unconditionally no matter what. Talk about commitment!

10. She Gave You Life

Your mother gave birth to you! You would not be on this planet without her! If that is not enough to say thank you to her this Mother’s Day, I do not know what is.

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