10 Places To Take #InstaWorthy Spring Photos

While your Instagram feeds may be filled with spectacular hues of crisp whites and blues from the winter months, look forward to changing them up a bit with the beginning of spring! New York City has a ton of vibrant and exciting locations for the perfect photo-ops to add to your feed. Here is a list of the ten most popular areas.

1. Washington Square Park

With the emergence of the cherry blossoms and warm weather, combined with its convenient location, Washington Square Park is ideal for taking photos. The pink and white soft tones of the flowers will be the perfect background for pictures to transition one’s feed from winter to spring. Go downtown and have a picnic with your friends on the fresh, bright grass while you’re at it!

2. Flatiron

The iconic Flatiron building becomes even more pleasant to visit during the beginning of the spring season. The sun and light shines bright towards the building, which provides stellar symmetry for a striking post.


3. The Plaza

The Plaza Hotel, another popular tourist spot in New York City, is also a fabulous area to take photographs for Instagram. The building, which contains tremendous history, also holds a classic sense of beauty in its architecture, creating a breathtaking shot.

4. Lower East Side

The Lower East Side can be described as one of the most artistic neighborhoods of New York City, especially with its plethora of graffiti-filled walls. One of the most renowned walls to visit is the “bleeding love” wall on Mott Street, a spray painting of overlapping multi-colored hearts over a metal shutter. Not only is this beautiful art, but it is also a unique, fun background to pose in front of for an Instagram post.

5. NoLiTa

Stick With Me Sweets, a small chocolate shop in the NoLiTa/Lower East Side area of the city, is just one example of a cute boutique to add to one’s Instagram feed. Often, these smaller stores, which are scattered all throughout NoLitTa, have an indescribable stylistic aesthetic that make them even more photo-worthy.


If you want to get out of Manhattan for a change of scenery, take a trip down to Brooklyn. The vibe of the area is completely different from the hustle and bustle of campus, and the views of the waterfront and the bridges are truly incredible.

7. Brooklyn

Not only does DUMBO have an amazing scenic atmosphere, it also has plenty of coffee shops and brunch places to relax and catch up with friends. Why not take an artsy window shot while you’re at it?

8. Lower Hudson River

The Lower Hudson River is undoubtedly the best place to take sunset photos all year round. It proves to be even more breathtaking during the spring months, as the blossoming trees and surrounding greenery add to the overall aesthetic of the photo.

9. Art Galleries (Pen + Brush)

The city is known for having a ton of museums, as well as smaller boutique galleries, where New Yorkers can express their thoughts and feelings through artwork. Not only are these art galleries an enjoyable way to spend time with friends, but  it also can be a fabulous addition to one’s instagram feed.

10. 5th Avenue

Anywhere in New York City where you can have a view of the Empire State Building is a perfect spot for an Instagram shot. 5th Avenue proves to be the optimal spot for this type of picture, especially if you head up on a rooftop like so!