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If somehow you came across this article, willingly or unwillingly, I’m considering you are someone who’s fed up with life’s problems and couldn’t figure a way out or a passionate reader, just like me :). Whatever it is, I hope you may find some clarity after reading this. 

DISCLAIMER: Upcoming things will have a spiritual inclination and tone to it. They are a compilation of my learnings from the books that I’ve read, the lessons and wisdom I received from my parents, friends and various others who are into spirituality. Without further ado let’s begin.

First of all, you need to understand this basic thing: Life at its core is very simple. It is us who build complicated things around it, just because the truth always feels too uncomfortable to be accepted. The point here is, Gen Zs today aim to achieve mental peace. But mental peace should be the very basis on which your whole life should be built upon, only then you’ll be able to experience life. It is meant to be one of the most fundamental things rather than some sort of goal to be achieved. 

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  1. Being Grateful

Learn the art of appreciating things. Always remember, there will always be people who are less privileged than you are, irrespective of your current situation. So be grateful in life for even the subtlest of things. It will help you become more optimistic and make you appreciate your life more. Help others. Life should never revolve around ‘I’. Make sure your self-care doesn’t lead to selfishness.  

  1. Accepting the situation

Many-a-times, you’ll come across adverse situations and screams of “Why me?” might overfill your mind and you definitely must have had people suggest that you never give up, which is absolutely correct. Don’t give up, but in addition to that just surrender! Yes, SURRENDER to the situation, accept it and things will start hurting you less. 

What the world throws at us is not our choice, but what we make out of it is entirely our choice. One of my favorite lines from ‘Tomb of Sand’, a book that I read few months ago, says, “Whenever you go through something, you tear through it. That which is torn develops an increased capacity for insight and forbearance”. Isn’t that true?

  1. The 3 Cancers of Mind

Comparison, Complaining, and Competition. 

It’s important to understand that we are all born to live a life that brings us the utmost level of inner satisfaction. Then why waste time comparing ourselves to others? Why grumble about every small thing? How wasteful of a life it is, if your happiness comes from someone else’s failure. It is sickness and not happiness. It’s not the fruit per se that we should be driven by, but the effort and the purpose. So, does it mean that you should stop trying in life? Not at all! Resilience is required, but stubbornness born out of attachments is unhealthy.

  1. Mending your relationships

As humans, one of the greatest strengths we can build is through relationships. Emotions are a blessing from the universe. Be it your parents, friends or even your partner. Try to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone, even with strangers. Life is too short to hold a grudge against someone. A quick tip for couples: Have the mindset of giving. Trying to lose in a relationship, sounds crazy right? But the crux of the matter is, I feel, only when you both lose on a personal level, then you win as a whole. You guys are meant to share your joys in life, not extract them from each other. Love unconditionally!

  1. Spend some time Alone

Whenever you’re in trouble and can’t see a way out, just take a pause and meditate. Spend some time alone, away from everyone and everything. Trust me, silence is full of answers ;) Because persisting without insight will lead you to the same outcome. So, when you just sit back and practice silencing in your mind, in that stillness, in that state of calm, you are able to listen to your true inner voice and find the right direction to move in. Stop looking for happiness outside, instead, look within. Don’t let your cloudy thoughts be the reason for impediment to your growth.

Following and getting used to all these things will take time. Learning takes time and needs patience. Even I am trying to implement these things in my life, slowly and steadily. Try it and you will surely find solace. Even the slightest positive change in your life will fulfill the purpose of this article. May you live a Blissful Life!

An avid reader who is just trying his hands on writing something meaningful.