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As a fellow music enthusiast, I hold pride in my song choices. They range from pop, ballads, rock to R&B and neo-soul too. Music does not know any language barriers for me, so I am well versed with Hindi, English, Korean, Japanese and Filipino songs. Now, not all might be in tune with everyone’s tastes but I can promise that they are worth at least 3 mins of your time. So, buckle up and sit back because I am revealing my absolute, top-secret song list that I feel extremely possessive of.

  1. Pano – Zack Tabudlo (Filipino)

    This is a song that has been going viral around the world for its ever-beautiful lyrics and melody. Most of you might have heard it in a female voice as well, whose audio has been used for various Tiktoks and Insta reels. The song talks about the degree of love a person receives, who lets them go eventually. It is such a sweet song, I might even get a sugar rush.

      • Only – Lee Hi (Korean)

        This is sung by the gorgeous Lee Hi and is about serenading your lover, telling them how you want them to be their only one, tucked away from people just for you. The beautiful melody of the song feels like a warm hug and the lyrics take you to a world away from here, which is a perfect combination.

        • If I Could Fly – One Direction (English)

          When I say that this song had me in a chokehold for like forever, I mean forever. The song is so sad and heartbreaking, which hits even harder when you get to know that Harry Styles actually wrote this song. Part of the album, Made in the A.M, this was sung by the 4 remaining members after Zayn Malik left the group :(
        • Humdard – Arijit Singh (Hindi)

          We cannot let this list continue without the soulful and heart-wrenching voice of THE Arijit Singh. This song was part of the soundtracks of Ek Villain and let’s just **say that the lyrics are so in-tune with the story that it will make you sob even more. My personal favourite.
        • Shinunoga E-Wa – Fujii Kaze (Japanese)

          Shinunoga E-Wa is a poetic love song that people dedicate to their lovers. The song has been getting some major attention even from non-japanese speakers and has gone viral multiple times in many edits. “I want you to be my last, If I had to keep being separated from you like this, I’d rather die, I’d rather die” Do I even need to say more? You have to check this one out.
        • Singularity – V of BTS (Korean)

          Let’s come to a song that is not solely based on romance. Singularity is a song that talks about how you lose your inner self and you cannot even voice your pain. You try and try but you are engulfed by a frozen lake with no out. V of BTS (Kim Taehyung) has sung this song perfectly and his voice will make you feel all sorts of things. Losing oneself hits a bit too close to home so I hundred percent recommend this song, plus it’s V from BTS (screams internally).
          • Us – James Bay (English)

            This song got famous for being the soundtrack of the After series, which is based on the Pentalogy written by Anna Todd. The song talks about believing in your relationship all and through, no matter what people say and willing to fight for your love. It hits you in the right places and c’mon the voice (chef’s kiss).

          1. Angel Baby – Troye Sivan (English)

            This is one of my top favourite songs sung by my favourite artist. Troye Sivan has sung this song so beautifully that I have had it on replay for months when it came out. The theories that I have for this song are endless and trust me, when we get to this discussion, I will be just babbling the whole time.
          2. Fine – Taeyeon (Korean)

            Too many Korean songs on this list but what can I say, they are just that good. Fine talks about how during a heartbreak, you are devastated and you wonder if the other one is thinking about you too. “After a day, a month, and a year passes by I said I would smile and it would be a memory, No, not me, I don’t think it’ll be easy for me, You still fill my day…..It’s not fine” The melody is so gut-wrenching and you feel being sucked into Taeyeon’s amazing voice to never get out.
          3. Honeymoon – Johnny Stimson (English)

            I actually heard this song very recently and a secret between you and me, I heard it in one of BTS Jungkook’s live and I was busy searching for what this song is. The song is so sweet, it could be the new Until I Found You. “Everyday is a honeymoon with you” Seriously, if someone said that to me, I would combust to flames right then and there.

            These were only 10 of the thousands of songs that I have neatly tucked in my ‘personal’ Spotify playlists. Music is something that I genuinely enjoy and sharing these songs makes me feel giddy inside. Hoping that everyone finds that warmth in their hearts that I wanted to send your way.

            I am a 2nd year, BTech CSE student currently studying at NIIT UNIVERSITY in India. My passions include writing, editing and I love to spend my time doodling as well. Obviously mindlessly daydreaming comes as a default.