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The Woman Behind Your Feminine Needs

Target caused a frenzy across social media as they promoted their new commercial “Founders We Believe In: The Honey Pot”. Beatrice Dixon is the owner and creator of The Honey Pot Co. which is a feminine hygiene product line. As promotion for her business that started in 2012, she partnered with Target. In the commercial she states how she is paving the way for next generation of black girls who have a great business idea. But instead of being agreed with people were in an uproar. 

Many people left nasty comments accusing Dixon and Target of discriminating against white people. The racist and anti-feminist comments left on the consumer websites were suspended and caused an investigation. Though many would think the comment’s would hurt the company, it actually boosted sales. Local Targets everywhere were sold out hours later after the incident. 


Though Dixon was ecstatic to see her products sold out on shelves, she is still very grateful for the situation. In an interview done by Essence Magazine, she states “I’m thankful for it because it kind of shows the reality we live. You know, nothing about what I said was bad. Could I have said something different? Surely I could have. But if I had to go back, I still wouldn’t choose differently.” 

A very unfortunate situation indeed, but it still leaves room to talk about racism and how African Americans still face different adversities when trying to succeed. This conversation still needs to be had of why many feel that the progression of minorities in America, is the retrogression of the majority. 

Iman is a junior Mass Communications major at Norfolk State University from Los Angeles, CA. She has a passion for writing and creating quality content. She enjoys anything that pertains to fashion, music and poetry.
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