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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at NSU chapter.

As we all know COVID-19 has us all out of school, work and stuck in the house. There’s so much you can do to learn yoga, do school work, sleep but what about fixing your wardrobe. This quartine has provided a great opportunity to revamp your wardrobe.


Your wardrobe should reflect you and it should change as you change within your own style and your own interest. It is important to also get rid of stuff you have not worn in two years like that one dress you swore you could make work. It has no value it is best to let it go. You don’t have to completely trash old clothes there are plenty of sites like Poshmark and Depop where you can sell your used clothes or donate them. Decluttering can be so relaxing as well I like to watch a movie or show while doing it others like to listen to music it makes fun. Do not think it as getting rid of memories but as passing it on for others to make some as well. 


Below we have listed 5 ways to declutter your wardrobe:





 Make three piles

Keep, donate, and sell. Making these piles will make it a lot easier to sort out what to do with each item rather than making a huge mess in your bedroom.

Go through all of your clothes and shoes and decide it’s purpose

We all know that having a lot of clothes makes room for more outfit ideas and opportunity BUT if your never going to wear them then whats the point? That’s something to look into, for example if I haven’t worn something in 6 months to a year or longer, there more than likely isnt a reason to keep it in my closet.

Does it fit?

If it doesn’t fit, give it away or throw it away. Unless you have the goal to lose weight to fit into a piece of clothing as self inspiration, don’t force yourself to keep something that doesnt fit you/ flatter you. If you lost weight and things are too big, give them away or try to sell them, you dont have to keep them stuffed away in your closet or drawers. Make room to reinvent the new you!

Store your seasonal wear away when you can

I (Amaiya) personally do this myself. Winter clothes like coats, sweaters, scarves, etc. can take up a LOT of storage space. Winter clothes are usually not something you just throw away because you know that they are seasonal articles of clothing, but at the same time they take up space in the other seasons. This is why it would be best to store them away in a bin or something similar so you arent forced to get rid of things that you will wear later in the year.

Get help from friends!

Sometimes when your going through your wardrobe it can get hard to know for sure “Is this really something I’m going to wear or am I just telling myself that?”, so it can help to get input from a good friend who also knows your style or your style wants. Whether it be your best friend, s/o, or a family member sometimes that help can be what you need at the end of the day!

There are also many Pinterest boards and youtube videos on ideas and other ways to organize and declutter your wardrobe, there is no set wrong way or the right way it is 100% up to each individual. Also, remember once you declutter it you can buy more and declutter your wardrobe at least once a year.

I am mass com and theather major. I love writing, dancing and watching tv. My goal in life is to write and produce my own tevison shows. I go to nsu and i am expecting and want to gradute in dec of 2021.
I am a Mass Communications General Broadcasting major at Norfolk State University. My goal is to become a media influencer and to inspire many in my position.