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Tourney Time: Basketball Explained for Queens Who Lack a Sports IQ

Just when football season ends and you think you’ve got your man back incomes basketball season; more so, one of the biggest basketball main events in the nation (aside from the NBA Finals). That is the NCAA tournament, also known as March Madness. So just what is the NCAA tournament? Here are a couple of pointers to help you better understand what the madness in March is all about, and shoot your shot of newfound knowledge to impress your boo.

Put plain and simply, tourney time is merely where the NCAA Division I Men’s basketball teams from college and universities all over the nation have the chance to compete for the title of reigning National Champions. The process in which tournament games happen is through a process known as “seeding.”  These teams are given a number seed based upon the probability of their chances of winning.

For example, Kendall Jenner would be a Number 14 seed going against that of No. 1 seed Naomi Campbell. Throughout the month of March, the nation spends time “planting” the seeds on what are known as “brackets.”  Stay with me queens. Creating a bracket or multiple brackets gives an individual the chance to input on what team they feel will take it all home. These brackets are basically set up so that you take the teams that you think would least likely to win and put them up against each other so that in the end the best two teams will battle it out.

Basically, your man will probably pick his favorite to win it all. This goes in the middle of the said bracket. In making his claim to who he favors as being the champion he still has to place all of the other teams that he may not think are relevant — these go around the centered team. On the opposing side of the center will be the seemingly next best team that he feels his favorite will battle it out with.

Hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars go into gambling the odds of these brackets, and at one point even $1 million was offered for THE perfect bracket. Again with a model comparison, let’s say that Tyra starts the season of America’s Next Top Model with 40 girls. Now, granted as women we tend to just pick whoever we think is the prettiest and run with them for the rest of the season, BUT based upon the pictures taken and work done on shoots by the models; Tyra and the judges decipher who they believe has earned the title of ANTM. Now if we put those ladies into a chart, and center them around the one we favored to title … Boom! Same concept! Hmmm… we definitely should’ve been making an ANTM brackets ladies.

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