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T.I.’s Overprotective and Disturbing Parenting Style

If you have been on any social media platforms in the past couple of days then you’ve most likely heard about rapper TI Harris saying on a podcast that he attends his daughter, Deyjah Harris’, gynecologist appointments to check that her hymen has not been broken. 

Last week TI was featured on an episode of the Ladies Like Us podcast. He shares that they take yearly trips to the gynecologist to check her hymen after asked had he had the birdies and the bees talk with his daughters. The ATL actor tells them that he makes his daughter sign a medical disclosure agreement to share her results with her father, he adds that all the way up to her 18th birthday her hymen was in fact still intact. 

 While Deyjah Harris is currently attending her first year of college and hasn’t said anything on the topic, she has been seen liking tweets about how controlling and disgusting that he is. Although Deyjah currently isn’t speaking up it didn’t stop other celebrities from speaking their mind. Even Iggy Azalea, who TI recently said was the worst mistake he ever made to sign her, stepped into the argument but, quickly deleted her tweet.

TMZ and other news platforms have reported that Deyjah has unfollowed her entire family on all social media platforms. It is not said that it is directly caused by the overshare of information but, it happened around the time. 

Over-protective parents are something that a lot of people have to deal with growing up, but this seems to have pulled a trigger for everyone. Do you think this was excessive or do you agree with T.I.’s actions? Let us know on twitter by tagging us @HerCampusatNSU and sharing your thoughts!

Jaila is a Sophmore Mass Communication major at Norfolk State University. She was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She loves makeup, dancing, and writing. 
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