Self Care: The Playlist

In the recent years, self care has become more popular than ever. Clothing, beauty, and other industries have become major supporters of the notion of putting yourself first mentally, physically, and emotionally. As college students, booking a trip to a lavish spa every weekend is not realistic, we're not billionaires yet and we're far too busy. What we can do however, is take a day to pamper oursleves and play our music loud. With that in mind, HCNSU wanted to give you the perfect songs to add to your self care playlist. 


Self Care by Savannah Christina

For obvious reasons, “Self Care” is the perfect song to begin your self care Sunday routine. Not wanting to waste your time on senseless drama or anything that isn't contributing to your happiness is definitely a self care staple. This song preaches about putting yourself first, loving yourself unapologetically, avoiding drama and so much more. 


“Don’t you know I, I can’t be caught up on no bullsh-t. I don’t got the time” — Savannah Christina


Homebody by Juto

Feeling a little guilty about ignoring calls during your me time? “Homebody” washes away that feeling of guilt with ease. Juto sings about wanting to stay home, do nothing, and be left alone. Every weekend does not need to be a party, read that again. Turn this up loud and keep your phone on DND.



 “Ain’t no need to even call, I’m not picking up my phone” — Juto

 One of Them Days by Kiana Lede

 “One of them days” is perfect for the person in a relationship or the person that usually extremely socialable that simply needs a day for themselves. The best thing to do if your energy is off is to reserve a day or two ....or three and recharge. The singer coos about just needing a day to feel and process emotions and that what most people need. Emotions are normal, sadness and happiness alike and sometimes a day is needed to unpack those emotions.


“Need a day to get my sh-t together, need a day to put things back in place” — Kiana Lede


Mood by Eric Bellinger

To the Her Campus cuties that maintain a high gpa, a job, extracurricualars, and a social life ... this one is for you. Eric Bellinger reassures you he understands that sometimes you don’t want to be bothered. Being a wearer of many hats takes a toll on you mentally and physically. Guilt free "me" time begins with "Mood".

“Lately you been in your bag, you ain’t had time to look back, too busy getting to the cash” — Eric Bellinger 


Truth Hurts by Lizzo

 Now, this hit is for the moment you step of the shower and reality hits you. You know the feeling, after you haven't been feeling like yourself and you finally realize who you are. This break up anthem promotes self confidence, self worth, and self love. This song is perfect for anyone who needs a confidence boost or just a reminder of who they are and what they are capable of.

“I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that b!%*h” — Lizzo

Good As Hell  by Lizzo

Another feel good anthem from the self confidence queen! Now this one is definitely for our readers coming out of a break up and needing a little uplifting. This song reminds you not only of your self with but that you’re FINE AS HELL 

“If he don’t love you anymore, just walk your fine ass out the door” — Lizzo


Now that the guilt of putting your phone on DND is gone, your confidence is boosted and you’re probably feeling yourself (as you should), it’s time to dance. Complete your playlist with your favorite songs to dance to, order some food and continue to enjoy your “me” day. Let us know which songs are on your self care playlist by commenting on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @hercampusatnsu