The “Secret” Behind “This Is Us” Star Sterling K. Brown and Wife Ryan Michelle Bathe’s Relationship

Emmy Award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown and his leading lady, actress Ryan Michelle Bathe, are Hollywood’s newest power couple and red carpet sweethearts. Not to mention college sweethearts, proud parents, and overall the #relationshipgoals of 2019. This couple draws us closer to wonder where it all probably began and how to get that kind of love.

Long before their love story was set in stone, both were students at Stanford University where they met during their freshman year. Ryan, 42, says her husband’s sight was clear and concise the moment they were official in June 2007. “Sterling told me he wanted a relationship that others could see God in and that inspired people to love each other and want to be married” - Bathe, Essence Magazine

Make no mistake, it’s rare to find a couple and consider them to be an overnight success.  The couple perfected their language of love and learned how to take on the demands of the industry way before Brown’s debut in Black Panther and in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, and Bathe’s upcoming role on BET’s The First Wives Club.

Sterling as Christopher Darden in FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson: The American Crime Story (USA Today)

Being on one accord with their commitment is what solidified their foundation as from what Bathe reclaimed to Essence, “There’s no off-ramp, no laundry chute, no doggy door. We are in it, and we’re gonna ride this till the wheels fall off. I think that’s the glue that keeps us going.”

Although, marriage can’t be bliss-filled without a loving pair learning how to work through certain differences. Brown commends his wife with helping them both master this in particular. “If there’s something difficult, you talk about it; then you argue. You may disagree, but then you reach a mutual conclusion.” - Brown, Essence Magazine

Bathe adds in that anyone can find real love that’s just like theirs. The real key is just simply looking beyond the glow-up and seeing your partner for who they really are. Bathe adds you should also “Be able to appreciate the Ryans or Sterlings in your Life right now, that’s the real goal.” - Bathe, Essence Magazine

Photo credit- EBONY Magazine