The Queen Originator of the Dance Sweeping the Nation

There has been a viral dance that is sweeping across the nation and everyone is joining in on the fun. This dance is called the Renegade; a quick sequence of dance moves to the popular song Lottery by Atlanta rapper, K Camp. This craze has become viral on the platform TikTok where teens and even celebrities across the nation are posting their videos doing the dance. It has become so popular among the teenage world, teens are doing it in classrooms, during team practices and even in the comfort of their own homes. But the credit of who created this dance has been a mystery until now.    Jaliah Harmon is a 14-year-old dancer from Fayetteville, Georgia whose dance has completely changed the internet world. The original routine was posted in September 2019 on the app Funimate, which is pretty similar to TikTok. Though her dance was going viral, she was not getting the proper credit. Many other TikTok stars were taking her credit for this dance including Charli D’Amelio but Jaliah knew that this was her moment to shine and would not stop until the world knew the truth.    It wasn’t until K Camp discovered the truth about the girl who popularized his song, that he would use his platform to tell the world who Jaliah was. He tweeted a video of Jaliah and her friend, Skylar, rocking out to his song with the caption “Thank you Jalaiah and Skylar for helping make ‘Lottery’ the BIGGEST song in the world," he said, "Tell the blogs to eat it up!"    From that day forward everyone now knows that when you see the Renegade dance you have Jaliah Harmon to thank!