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No matter the day or time every girl has one thing on her mind, “Are my lips ashy”? As women, we tend to buy a lot of lip products. No matter how bad we feel that day we always make sure to grab something to put on our lips, let it be chapstick, lipstick or a lip gloss. These things give us the opportunity to express ourselves through our appearance. Everyone has their go to, but every woman should have a lip kit, the items included are essential.  The lip kit includes the following…

Chapstick/Blistex: Every woman should keep chapstick on hand, especially because it is getting colder out. Cold weather makes your lips dry up and crack. Your Chapstick is there to moisturize and protect your lips from the cold weather. Never leave home without your chapstick. No matter what, a chapstick is a must have.


Lip gloss: Every woman should have a lip gloss in their kit. It comes in handy when you don’t want to go full out with lipstick, but you want something more than chapstick. Some people like clear lip gloss and some like lip gloss with color; it doesn’t matter, as long as you have some lip gloss a part of your lip kit. Lip gloss is essential when you want to be casual yet cute. Never leave home without your lip gloss, no matter what a lip gloss is a must-have.

Nude/Brown Lipstick: A nude or brown lipstick is very important. Nude lipstick goes along with every outfit, and it looks good on any skin tone. You can also wear a nude/brown lip to class and out to party. Never leave home without your nude/brown lipstick. A nude/ brown lip is always the new black.


Red Lipstick: Every woman should own a red lipstick. It is very bold and can bring out the vixxen in anyone. Red is a very stunning color and looks good on every skin tone. It is sophisticated, yet sexy. Never leave home without your red lipstick. It is a staple and pulls your whole entire look together.

Nude/Brown Lip Liner: You cannot forget your nude or brown lip liner at home, it goes with the lip kit. You can pair a red or nude lipstick with a brown/nude lip liner. Lip liners are essential because it helps to complement the lipstick and shape your lips. Lip liners help to keep your lipstick looking fresh. Never leave home without your nude/brown lip liner. If you do, your lips might look crazy, especially if you’re wearing a nude lippie.

Compact Mirror: There should definitely be a compact mirror. Without that how will you apply any of the products above? Never leave home without your compact mirror, no matter what a compact mirror is a necessity.

Everything listed above is a must-have. This lip kit gives women the opportunity to change their look for any occasion. Whether it be a day at community service or a night out on the town the lip kit has you covered. You will always be ready for whatever comes your way because you won’t have to worry about your lips, you know the lip kit has got you covered.


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