The Importance of Creating Good Relationships at Work

Sometimes we may take on jobs that we may not necessarily be ecstatic about; but nothing beats that feeling of when that direct deposit hits your account! For college students, every second you put into your job counts especially when you’re getting paid by the hour. Some shifts feel longer than others and some go by really fast depending on how busy the establishment gets. Yet, do you ever stop and wonder, “Maybe if I interacted with everyone more, it wouldn't be so bad?” Just as it is important to create bonds and relationships among your collegiate peers, it is just as important to create those same bonds with your work crew as well. Here’s why:


Creating a Good Working Atmosphere

In a workplace there can be so many different personalities and energies moving around in the room you may not really know what the mood is. You have your co-workers who are always cranky in the morning, the anti-social ones, and  the co-workers who are always in a good mood and willing to spark a conversation. That could be your cue to chime in! Now you do not have to go and establish a best friend relationship, but who knows? That one conversation could spark up some great conversation and you may even put a smile on the cranky co-worker’s face. By doing this you create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. Nothing is better than a team that can work together to make sure everyone completes the job well by getting along and helping each other.


You Never Know When You Will Need Them

Life has an interesting way of coming back in a full 360-degree circle. You never know when having a good relationship with someone can come in handy. One day you may be applying for a new job in the future and it just so happens your old cranky coworker is the CEO of the company you are applying to or the person interviewing you. Since a great relationship was established years ago, they could remember the impact you had on them and hire you on the spot. Maybe in the future you will need a recommendation for a scholarship or internship from someone who knows your work ethic. Who better to ask than the people you work with?


A Raise Can Be in Full Effect

Remember that time you looked out for your boss when they may have needed you to close the store really late? Maybe there was a time you helped organize their paperwork or went above and beyond your desired tasks to make sure the goal was met. Hard work never goes unnoticed and because you continue to put all of your dedication and focus into your job you will definitely get rewarded. Sometimes it could even result in a promotion or a raise, maybe even both! And who does not like a little extra cha-ching in their bank accounts??


It is so important to keep these things in mind when you are at work. Next time you step into the workplace consider sparking that conversation. You never know where that road can lead you!