How to Take Your Style from Undergraduate to Professional with NY &CO

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There comes a time in every young undergraduate’s life where she has to break up with some of the clothes in her closet and start seeing some new options. These new options may stretch her outside of her comfort zone but it must be done. The last thing we want to do as aspiring professionals is be caught at an interview, a networking event, or even a brunch looking like freshmen year. In this article, I will be rolling out a new store that you may have passed on your last mall trip but TRUST ME after this you will not be able to walk by without stopping.

Introducing NY & CO

 New York & Company (NY & CO) is a leading fashion retailer specializing in workwear and statement pieces. NY & CO apparel and accessories are sold through a nationwide network of retail and outlet stores. They also have one of the most easy-to-navigate e-commerce stores online so the shopping trip never has to end. They sell all women's apparel and accessories from the latest trench coat to your new favorite pair of rose gold earrings. They even sell shoes, scarfs, and purses. The retail and outlet store’s sizes range from X-Small to X-Large and 0 to 18. Online sizes run from XX-Small to XXX-Large and 00 to 24. As you can see they have a wide selection of sizes to match their wide variety of selections. NY & CO carries two major collections that are perfect for taking your style from undergraduate to professional.

Shut the Office Down in a Power SUIT

Collection Number 1 is called the Eva Mendes Collection. It is styled by the amazing actress herself and it is not uncommon to walk by any NY & CO store and see her slaying as a model from the clothes in her own line. Products from the Eva Mendes Collection are the most bought items in NY & CO. Some retail locations even have a separate store just for the Eva Mendes Collection alone. The powdered blue suit to the left can be worn for a casual yet professional day in the office. The Blazer is a two-button closure with front flap pockets and slim shoulder pads. The Blazer also hits at the hip. The Pants have a hook-and-eye closure, front slash pockets, and back welt pockets. The fit is a wide leg. The sizing is full length and the pants sit at the waist.

A Twist on DRESS for Success

Collection Number 2 is called the Gabrielle Union Collection. The award-winning actress's collection is new to the NY & CO scene, having only been in stores for a few years. However, just like her career, Gabrielle Union's collection is one to watch and could stand the test of time. Gabrielle Union and her co-stars often wear the clothes from her line while on set during the filming for her hit show Being Mary Jane. What makes her line so special is that it is designed to be universal. Generally, NY & CO is a retailer associated with a certain age group, early 30's to late 50's. The co-stars that consistently wear her line range from early 20's to early 70's; this opens up the store to a wider audience.  In the black and white dress to the left you could very well go to work/ internship, a networking event, and a brunch all in one day. It sits on the borderline of edgy and classy while looking great on different body types. The Dress has an off-the-shoulder neckline, short sleeves, and pleated knit. The dress also hits at hip.

Professional and on a Budget

Now I know switching up your closet from undergraduate to professional can feel overwhelming and EXPENSIVE that is why I am suggesting to do it gradually. Start with some items that you know need to go, throw them out (or sell them for some extra cash using sites like Poshmark), and go from there. Use the basics that you have from other stores and match them with a pair of nice slacks or pencil skirt while you are building. Before you know it you'll have a closet that looks like Olivia Pope's. Lastly, I am going to disclose with you all how to shop at NY & CO on a college budget. (1) Ask for the discount. Quiet as it is kept NY &CO does have a student discount. It is generally 15% and does not apply to every item or sale but it can come in handy if you do not have any coupons on hand. (2) Be nice to the sales associate. NY & CO sales associates have coupons they can give customers while shopping. Sometimes they are allowed to give coupon codes to anyone that asks and the first people to get them are customers that are patient and kind. (3) Shopping according to season and sale. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT buy new arrivals unless you have a coupon. The reason being is everything in NY & CO goes on sale within 2-3 weeks due to the next holiday or the next shipment. Buy sale and clearance items first, wait for the price of the new arrivals to come down. (4) Collect and Use cash often. NY & CO gives out their own cash called City Cash and NY Cash after purchase. You can use it towards items during a certain week and it works on the majority of the items in the store. Always ask a sales associate if the items you have are eligible before heading to the register. 

Take these tips and go build your professional closet. Give yourself a chance to upgrade your style and grow into the new woman you are becoming. That woman and her wardrobe should give you chills.  Happy Shopping!