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How To Secure The Ultimate Internship

It’s your prime time in your college career and you have no idea what’s next for you. Naturally, the next step is securing an internship. High quality hiring managers look for people who are experienced in their major. Its never to early to show company’s that you have what it takes to bring in prominent skills to their business. I have some awesome advice on how to secure that internship during your college career. 

Your sophmore year is usually the time you start getting involved with different organizations at your institution. In my sophomore year of school, I joined clubs that were similar to my major which gave me a better opportunity to network with people that were pursuing the same dream as me. Many organizations, go to conventions or take professional trips to fellowship with other organizations around the country. During those fellowships, it’s the perfect way to get you closer to an internship and it helps you gain mentors that have been in the field for a long time.  Club advisors and coaches may be good resources too when it comes to finding the perfect Internship. 

The real question is how can you find these amazing internships that provide everything that you need to be successful during your college career. Most websites like LinkedIn, Idealist, Indeed, and MediaBistro are good sites to look into when finding good internships. Make sure you look at each company’s career page to see if there are any job openings for internships available. While during your research look over qualifications that the job is looking for in an intern, this will help you know what different companies want out of their interns. Never contact a company via social media, always keep it professional such as emailing or calling.

Although summer internships are competitive, you should apply to several internships that way you will have options just in case one doesn’t work out for you. In order to land at least one of those internships, you must make sure that their qualifications match your resume. When saving your resume and cover letter always remember to save it as your name, because multiple people will be sending resumes and you want to make sure yours stands out amongst the rest. It’s also a good idea to invest in a website or a portfolio to show the hiring manager that your professional and career ready.  Remember your the only one that can stop your destiny, you be the power of your future and conquer it all. It’s not the time to sit and wait for something to happen, your dreams starts NOW, so just go for it!!

Patsy Douglas

New School '20

Patsy Douglas is currently in her Senior year at Norfolk State University, majoring in Mass Communication/General Broadcast
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